No AI, arcade mode etc

I don’t know what is wrong but I have no AI in my game for the last 2 hours. I put my game in horizon solo, closed the game an reopened it and drove for an hour with no AI, then joined horizon life closed the game a reopened it and drove for another hour still no AI. I started multiplayer events and still no AI after it puts you back in the world. How are we supposed to get daredevil skills with no AI for forzathon challeneges?

Also is there no way to change the format arcade requirements on each event to match how many people are in the event? Every event I go into it is me and maybe one other person and we need like 20 million drift points to go to the next level. These are impossible to do unless you have a full team of people doing them which not everybody does. Can it be adjusted to how many people are in the event?