No aero B600 Miura '67 Nurburg Nord

Hello. Been a while …

I drive with no driving line or assists and i use simulation steering ect using a pad so my car is tuned for the way i drive :slight_smile:

I have painted some liverys for this car too. I did a livery on FM6 for this car some time back and i’ve just given that a freah lick of gold (hey i’m colour blind 'k) paint and numbered the paints from 1 to seven (why? why not?).

If you’re brave enough to take the car to the track i tuned it for and give it a try then by all means, leave feedback.

I don’t tune cars for leaderboards (which is a good thing 'cos glitched cars rule the roost in FM6 …) but i tune them to be nice to drive so hopefully that’s what the car will be.

While i’m here, i also painted a VW Beetle (the old one) some time ago in my trademark style. The Miura paint is one i ‘brought’ over from FM4 but the old VW Beetle paint is one i put together on FM6.

You can find them by searching my gt.

Hi you should message RS IWINNUMBER1 he’s has the best tunes for simulation steering and he too uses no braking line and is currently the fastest full real no assist racer in forza he might be able to help you develop your skills.