No access to marketplace, Clubs, Vinyl downloads etc. PC

So i am having this issue, where i cant use the marketplace and other online features.
i can play online with friends, but use anything that has todo with the clubs, teams, marketplace, and vinyl downloads etc. (im am lvl 224 so it should not be the issue)
and it has been like this from the very start of the game, it never unlocked.

i have seen some users saying it might have been a ban issue, but i have never been banned, or warned about anything.
microsoft support said, it might be a parental controll issue linked to my account e-mail, but i unlocked everything through the family system like the support suggiested.
(and yes i am above 18 so it shouldnt be an issue.)

Does anybody have any suggiestions how i can fix this? or what might be the issue?