Ninetynine's Paintshop [Mine's Impreza available now]

Hey guys , welcome to my Paint-Thread.

The First Post will be used as a showcase for the main designs , and as an orientation post so you can see where you can find what you’re searching for.

Anyway , I’m rather new to this painting stuff in forza. But i hope you like my work. I’m hopefully improving with each new paintjob / shape group.

You can find my stuff when you search for this Gamertag : Ninetyninexx

Also , feel free to download my shape groups - most of the things seen on the cars , can also be found as shapegroups on the storefront.
Another info ; some cars will come with own tuning setups , optimized for a certain class and tested extensively. If the car has a tune you can download , this will be added to it’s description.

1st page

MiNE’s Replicas - Lancer Evo 6 [Post#2] , Skyline R33 [Post#2] , Impreza 22b [Post#3]

MiNE’s Replicas Take One :

Lancer Evolution 6 (A-Class setup coming soon) // Black Mirror and Painted Mirror versions available

Skyline R33

Both paints can be found easily when you search for Mines or Mine’s with each car

…A rather unknown car. It exists. not as 22b , but it exists.
Mine’s Impreza WRX // B-Class setup soon

Easy to find with the Mines tag

looking good i was actually thinking about doing mine’s designs the other day.
beat me there LOL nice work


Do you mind if I feature these designs in my gallery?

Feel free to message me.


just because i’ve done it it doesnt mean that you are not allowed to do it too :wink:
Thank you very much!

Do whatever you want, I’d be glad to see them featured