Nighttime duration only for demo??

Maybe it’s because it’s a demo but seriously… It’s dark for like 2 minutes in Horizon 2. The environment looks so amazing when it’s dark with all the lightened city lights. Why is the nighttime so unbelievable short then?? When the sun is fully under, it immidiatly comes up already… Huge dissapointed. And do not close this topic but let people discuss this serious issue.


Absolutely agreed and I don’t understand Playground’s choice with this at all, especially after pretty much everyone agreed that nights were too short in Horizon 1.

Such a waste of a feature they otherwise seem so proud of in thier PR.

I remember on the Sleeping Dogs forum, peeps had a similar issue, but this time w/ daylight going by too fast (1 game-time hr. per real-world min.; shadows cast by trees/buildings literally raced across the ground). In a pleasant turn of events, mods/devs heard us pretty quickly & lengthened daytime by I think 33% or sumthin in an update. VERY cool of them; no more racing shadows, no more 24 min. days =)

So there’s hope yet. & like u guys said, this might just b a demo thing, & final game isn’t like this

It is completely unjustifiable by Playground to not give us a choice to adjust the time ourself so everyone can be happy, I mean, how hard can it be :frowning:

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We should have the ability in Singleplayer mode to set the speed of time. Even real time should be included, the cycle is already in so it’s so simple to implement the rate of it. But I guess they don’t have interest to listen what the community wants.


I highly doubt that the majority of the community have any interest in controlling the speed of time. It’s time for the community to start accepting that the developers have reasons for the way they implement features in the game without the community feeling like they need to question every little detail.

In your opinion.

In my opinion. The community have a right to bounce ideas around and chat about the game in a polite manner.


Naturally, the community have the right to bounce around ideas. I don’t have a problem with that at all. What slightly irked me was that you made it sound like the whole community wants what you want. My bad if I misunderstood your post.

Hi, no that wasn’t my intention at all, I am a little surprised at the night length and do agree with what others have said regards being able to set the clock to the user’s chosen length, but certainly not intending to sway the community, just chipping in on the thread really.

No development team could make a game to please everyone, but to allow them to know your views imho is ok. I do believe in it being done in a polite manner though.

Sorry if our wires got crossed, but alls good with me ( thumps up)

If this thread is evidence of the polite manner you mention, we clearly understand the term quite differently.

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Probably for the noobz, driving fast at night is much harder, especially in the rain. An adjustable option (day/night/rotating) would be better.

But, we’ve yet to get our hands on the full game. I’m not expecting anything to be in there, but ya never know. I’ll just enjoy the game for what it is either way.

B Wald


We’re all “noobz” on Horizon 2, we’ve only played the Demo so far.

Hopefully multiplayer custom lobbies still give us the option to race at night! :slight_smile:

It does.

I complain about the night being so fast in Horizon 1, im surprised I never got banned. I know Playground is going to see this thread and still not changed the day/night cycle settings. At least give us a option in “SINGLE PLAYER” settings. I don’t want to drive around in Multiplier with a whole bunch of people crashing into you, its annoying.

It should be:

Day/night cycle:
30 minutes - Day = 24 minutes; Night = 8 minutes ( H1 and H2 ) Current time
60 minutes - Day = 35 minutes; Night = 25 minutes
90 minutes - Day = 50 minutes; Night = 40 minutes

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In the original horizon you could go into the street races and come right back out and it would automatically be nightfall, so driving with your headlights was basically endless.

I recommend simply adopting GTA V’s time system. 1 in game minute = 2 real world seconds. I play A LOT of GTA V and the day/night cycle timing is pretty much perfect at 48 minutes (real world time). It’s not too long or too short, and it’s even somewhat realistic (in the way that time still passes normally, just at an accelerated rate). The time and weather is also synced between multiplayer and singeplayer, so if it’s day time and foggy Online it’s going to be day time and foggy in story mode.

It was insanely annoying how fast FH1’s night time cycle was over. It made the night time road trip challenges stupidly difficult to complete (if one driver crashed at any point it was pretty much over; you weren’t gonna make it to the destination in time)…


It just feels weird, yesterday I was playing and when it was getting dark. I was looking at my computer for maybe only a minute. And when I looked back on Horizon 2, the sun was already setting. I was like… ???

Why did they so much effort in making those night lights in cities and oncomming cars if it only is about 2 minutus completely dark?

2 minutes… Seriously, 2… Doesn’t make sence to me, The Crew has a much better day/night cycle duration.

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It was way to fast in the Demo, but in Horizon 1 the Bentley had a clock and at about 8 or 10 I forget, the clock speeds up maybe 3x until 5-6 am. There is no reason why it can’t be changed, because when you drive the Huracan to the festival, the sunset is triggered when you get close to the festival whether you drive at 20 or 120.

But its probably short in the demo so that Mr Casual who will only play the races and maybe lark about for 10 minutes then that’s them done, will get to see day/night cycle. The same with the weather, that’s probably more frequent than it will be come full release.

It’s funny because that’s exactly what people said when the first Horizon demo was released.

Spoiler: Nothing changed.