Nightstop Buxton's Drift Bananza!

And I am back again with another event to raise awareness for Nightstop, Nightstop is a charity organisation that helps the homeless in their time of need. Give them a like and a follow, they’re gonna need it.

In regards to the raceday, it’s literally just 5 laps in every environment (No DLC’s), one track per environment; like for example, the full circuit on the TopGear test track and then we move onto another environment, such as the Fujimi Kaido full.

In terms of car class and restrictions; there is no restrictions, bring whatever you’ve built to the track and you can swap out after each race like say if you drift the Super 2000 for the Fujimi Kaido but want to set yourself up with an S13 for the Camino Viejo de Montserrat extreme track.

Apart from that, have fun, be respectful and donate to Nightstop if you can!


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