Night time should be much longer

It really irritates me that there is barely any night. At all. Just a few minutes of night for almost an hour of daytime? Can we at least have 15-20 mins of night? I really prefer the night time, it reminds me of the good old days of NFSU2, cruising around the city at night time is awesome, but by the time I fast travel to the city and start driving, the night is over already…

Whats the point of even having a day/night cycle if we never see night time?


I see it plenty and wouldn’t want to see it any more. If you want guaranteed night time, play more street races.


I see too much night, and it’s annoying when Drifting, because I need to see the bends way in advance.


We should be able to choose constant night in single player AND night time should be darker. It was perfect in FH3, it is perfect on Fortune Island, why did they have to ruin night time in the main game?

Illegal street drifting should be done at night, drifting in daytime feels lame.

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You know what I’ve noticed; you know how in real life, when the moon is just over the horizon it appears huge? (It’s an optical illusion, I don’t have the details off the top of my head, and they’re not important to my point) but in-game, it doesn’t do that. It just looks like a normal sized moon. If you were to take a picture of the real life moon when it looks huge, it wouldn’t look nearly as huge because the camera doesn’t capture that illusion. So the moon in-game looks like you’re looking at it through a camera instead of through your eyes. It’s too real, and that makes it look fake and kindof lame. The moon should be bigger.

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It would be nice if there were menu options to toggle time of day, weather and season so everyone could pick whatever driving condition they wanted anytime in freeroam without having to use the clunky blueprint/race workaround.


I guess short nights are due to accessibility. Longer nights might work during winters though.

I like the balance as it currently is.


I know what you mean, I’ve gone to change cars at dusk and by the time eveything has loaded, it’s daylight.


I would like the ability to turn off day/night cycling. The dark screen at night makes the game very difficult to play if your monitor is in a room with a lot of natural light.

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bUt iT’s HdR cOMpAtiBLe

It would be nice to set season, length of time cycle, etc in single player mode. Can’t see that working out online, but there are quite many places that look very good during nights. Lot’s of places in Edinburgh, locations where Festival fireworks are visible. Some roads. Motorway is special, I think they did pretty good work with the lightning there.

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i say make the nights a bit shorter, more stars and galactic clouds & a more interesting, bigger changing shadows moon. the dusk & dawn longer. a bit more mist/fog. more varied clouds, bigger more colorful sunsets… and im getting off track here… i personally do not like the night time because i cant see jack

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Are you sure your display is calibrated correctly? Most of the races I do are Street Races and I don’t recall making a mistake because I can’t see. Certain areas in FH3 in other hand were challenging. In other hand, scene races in Byron Bay, Surfers Paradise and just cruising on the highway were glorious.

In FH4 night time cycle is 10 minutes long and for my experience, it has much more light especially on wet conditions than there often are IRL. I wonder how some people survive.

I like the idea of mist but do you realise it reduces visibility much worse than night time? Mist is water in gaseous form, which makes funny things to light sources, like car lights, street lights, everything.

I think nighttime should be shifted half an hour so it doesn’t always occur during Forzathons.