Night Open Racing is Impossible

I usually don’t do any open racing, only drifting, but decided to do some today. And I got a string of night races and it is pitch black, how can this not be a top priority to be fixed ASAP. What a disaster of a game. Did they do any testing at all, honestly how could they have with the tons of bugs.

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idk. the servre keep wanting to put me onto japan servers. am in usa

Im surprised we dont have a populated thread in the forums about this. Driving at night is impossible, but it seems that players figured a way to do it. Maybe with a lantern? i dunno.
This plus the nonsense difference on illumination at noon, when switching to cabin view and chase view should be priority ZERO. But again, gameplay enjoyement is apparently in the bottom of the list. If there is a list, at all…

Four months and we have to endure things like this, it only says too little about the devs. Unfortunately.

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Night lasts few seconds because someone super smart in the team thought…“well who likes night… let’s make it pretty and reduce it to few seconds…”

So we rarely get night tracks unless you are playing street scene.

Yesterday I spotted lightning for the first time and it was pretty epic. You could hear the thunder, thunder, lightning and the thunder thunder…

the same thing occured to me yesterday;(
horizon open, street races ok, let’s do it.

and then all the next races, including dirt races,took place during night with any headlights working…

The worst occured when i did a race taking the tunnel in the canyon spot: impossible to see anything, total black screen, stuck during 1 minut into this tunnel and of course , race ruined.

I don’t understand why this bug is not fixed yet, it should be in top priority, because it makes the game just impossible to play!
So i will finish all accolades linked to the horizon open mode ( for those where we need to race) and then it will be over for me

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This has been an issue/bug since release. I put in a ticket about it like 3 months ago…

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I put in a ticket about this problem, their response told me they will never actually fix it, their response was basically:
Is this still a problem? Did it fix itself?
I decided to give them exactly what they want, me to quit playing. Well, I play one day a week now. I do my weekly chores and that’s it.


I was doing a night A800 CC race and all I could see were the tail lights and sparking when vehicles were hitting something, I couldn’t believe how difficult it was to see anything.

i have a maybe temp fix, I use hood veiw and when its too dark
i change view to in car view and its way brighter.

I have an even better fix lol. Dont play at all… lol, some kids amaze me…

The “headlight” bug is not happen in night race but it is some kind of orange-black shadow realm + global illumination stop working.
After a online championship when you sent back to “next race” screen.
you can see everything is dark in background. This mean your next race dont have working lighting anymore.

Even you go back to open world. Your light is not actually working. It keep on in day time+ brake light is being “ON” at all time.


Beside bug
I think this game night lighting is really too dark.

In FH3. The wall of the track are reflected from very far away.
and in open there is lots of reflective pole around the road.

In FH5 it almost doesn’t reflect

It is like they put a very dark HDR filter thing to make everything far away darker. It happen alot in action game. to make picture “look good and high contrast”

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I just did street scene open racing A class at night and it was fine? I won the first two races and got blocked on the finish line after a decent battle in the third. The only thing I did notice though, was still no traffic haha. :grin::grimacing: I won’t say its easy and I misjudged a couple of braking zones and cost myself, the glare is a little blinding, but otherwise night racing has always been okay for me on the Series X.

Some people talking about this bug

It wont happen on the 1st championship.

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Forza devs: “this is fine”

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Yeah there is nothing wrong with the game. User has to press buttons to make the car move…
And look how these taillights pop in the dark… looks even better on hdr screen.
Btw if the head/taillights are too bright for you lower brightness on your screen ;D

They must think that way, because they are still getting profits and sells… so. I would think the same too. lol.
Customers are the ones leading, if my customers are paying, the product must be fine.

Worst thing is that they can barely communicate, if they cant type a few words on their social media or even some form of updates, especially regarding a bug that literally makes it so you cant play during certain times in pvp races. If we only had something radical like a lobby where we could select the track and time of race to race online, truly sorcery that stuff. Wonder how they did that in GT7.

Thank you. I see (or don’t see!) now.

Ill tell you why this hasnt been fixed.

Cause T10 is a bunch of amateur scammers. Literally.

If you google what they took out of FH5 that was in FH4 or even older games, you will see that we are actually paying the same but for less.

They cant even fix a headlight, this bug has been going on for months now, and they still havent been able to fix something that should be top prio as it literally makes their game unplayable in conditions.

We still have no way of selecting any class we want and any surface, even though we wanted this all the time in FH4 got it at the end, and now they took it out again?

Naw, thank god its soon march and we can play a real racing game made by a company that actually gives a sh1t about their online racing and community, bring on Gran Turismo 7.