Nicki Lauda and James Hunt F1 not in R class anymore?

played R class today and noticed my F1 cars weren’t an option to choose from, what happened? (sorry if this has been asked, just wondering)

reset to default upgrades/tunes maybe? they were s class not r class when you 1st bought them. or maybe upgraded them so much they hit x class?

No they are R class to start not S.

Or other settings that preclude those cars being selected?

EDIT: Just checked and both are still R899 so either upgraded or not permitted in the race you are trying to do.

Mine are missing as well when i go to multiplayer R class, yet when i back out and go to garage it says that they are R900. and i noticed in the multiplayer hopper no one else was using them, and i played at least 10 races.

must have reverted to default, s class. in r they aren’t gonna be competitive. in s they dominate in short track and lets face it not even chevy or honda win in x other than lemans or indy oval. and even then you need a top tune for lemans

The Nikki lauda + James Hunt F1 cars have never been S Class, they dominate the R class leaderboards. i can use it in rivals but not multi-player.

perhaps you are right…i forgot about p class. infact i am sure you are right. damned its harder to unlearn the old ways than it is to learn the new ways. almost makes me wish i was a noob again to make it easier to remember. i keep going from r to x and still call x u half the time. on the bright side i did remember all 4 r classes are one now, or two if p is the new r.

Those lobbies must have restrictions which mean they cannot be used (it may be a body style issue like the FM4 ABCS have where the S class cars MUST be Supercars). Means you will need a different car for those lobbies.

This thread might be of use figuring it out

Ok, i see what your saying, there is an 1970’s race with the 2 cars in it, but that shouldn’t mean we can’t use them in normal R Class races, every other car thats in those type of leagues are still allowed to compete in their respective classes. example: the hypercar race should then mean that no P1 or la ferrari should be allowed to compete in R Class either but they are still there. i’m sure it is just a glitch for now. i’m surprised more people haven’t complained about this yet.

It’s not a glitch. They took them out of online lobbies because everyone was complaining that they didn’t belong there. Apparently the only place to use them now is in their own hopper.

Pretty sure this is 100% false

Any idea why then Worm?

Well, I am 100% sure that I was 100% wrong.

They are not available in lobbies anymore. You can run them in the 70’s GP hopper

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If only they did that to the x bow too a class would be fun again

For some reason, the Xbow and Caterham don’t seem to respond well to 3,000lb cars, so I don’t see the problem.

lol. Very true. The only times I’ve done well in an online lobby with my x-bow was when I started in pole position and never saw anyone the rest of the race. People moan so much about the car that I haven’t used it in at least a month or 2. Most of the complaints I heard were from people with “non leaderboard” cars, who then would put down times that were faster than I’ve ever done in a “leaderboard car”. Easily top 50 times, yet for some reason they don’t consider those leaderboard cars?? Some very odd logic.

I never have a problem with them either. Big difference in a car being better by 3 to 4 seconds vs .5 to 1.5 better

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