Next Horizon concept

This will probably get moved, but hopefully some eyes will see this.

I feel like the original Horizon concept was by far the best. They should’ve expanded on that. The new Horizon should combine the concepts of all the Horizons. You start as a nobody with an old cheap car that you have slightly modified, but live in some area where the Horizon festival is all year. You hear on the radio that they’re accepting new racers and will only accept the first 10 that reach the festival, you make it in. You make a name for yourself and eventually get to battle “bosses” to make it to the next level. Eventually you are at the top and are number 1, they offer you the option to be the boss. While you’re boss, you get to expand the festival to different regions by acquiring more fans/sponsorships to gain festival popularity (during this time you get to create and blueprint your own races and setup your own road trips to the new festival locations). Once the festival is the best, you “retire” and pass the torch on to the next new up comer. Maybe Darius makes an appearance again and forces you out of retirement…

they did with horizon 2. what you have today is directly from the wish list of horizon 2 and 3. now people don’t like it and blame playground for giving them what they asked for!!

Horizon 2 was a direct continuation, but I’m saying 1 game should have the progression of what took 4 games. The wish list and response to it is interesting, I’m definitely thankful for the modification additions, but the progression just isn’t there anymore. It’s a big sandbox with no real incentive to progress. Money is thrown at you, cars are thrown at you…no bosses to beat, just random AI with your friends list names attached to them. I just think the next game should be a refresh and back to the roots, but with all the good features from each game thrown into one singular game.