Newbie with car pass issue.....

Just got off online chat with microsoft xbox one support which they directed me here due to what they called an “in game” issue.

Just got my xbox one last night and picked up forza 5. Tonight decided to buy the vip membership and got my cars through a “gift” tab. I believe i got my cars inshould have received.

I then purchased the car pass and i received through the gift tab 4 cars. I thought i would get at least ten to start, MS xbox support said i was to get just one more for a total of 5 cars through car pass purchase. Am I missing a car or more? Or did i just read incorrectly? Spending 50+, I thought I was getting much more over time, and more to get started with.

Please advise…

FYI: xbox support walked me through settings/disc&blueray/persistent storage and clearing the persistent storage…

You will get one car of each car pack gifted (at least with the monthly ones), the rest of the cars you will have to buy through the dealership with ingame credits or tokens.
You WILL NOT get all cars of the packs gifted, only one for each pack.

Ok thanks for the knowledge share. So getting four cars gifted is correct from purchasing the car pass?

Correct. See this overview of the Car Pass with list of packs and gift cars:

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