Newbie Starting to learn how to build good car setups

I’ve played forza since Forza motorsport 2 before that i was a Gran turismo fan but played forza 2 on the xbox and it blew me away,it was like night and day between the two diffrent racing sims.
So after years of messing around on forza in multplayer lobbies and Leaderboard track time hunting i’ve decided i want to get into the setup side of the game.

I have played around in the past with varying results but never produced anything like what i’ve seen some of the guys produce on here.

I’d like someone to explain how damping works,i’ve read the diffrent posts on the subject on these forums but i still don’t get how it works and how you work out what is the best setup for your car.
I need a dumbed down explanation like you would explain it to a kid in primary school.

I’d also like help with suspension setup ie would you stiffen front suspension if the car was front engine to compensate for the weight and vice versa or would the opposite apply.
If you want me to be car specific then perhaps the Aston martin DBS or Vanquish running in either A or S class.

Ok guys thanks for reading and any help would be appreciated.

P.S. i’m also experiencing alot of over steer when i drop into 2nd gear would that be a diffrential problem or would it be that maybe second gear should be lowered more towards speed to stop the wheelspin ?

Howdy! I can try and help you the best that I can.

Rebound and bump are used to control the spring as it expands. A compressed spring is like a bomb waiting to explode and it will release all of its energy at once. A static uncompressed spring has released all of its energy. Now if you add weight to the spring and push on it the spring will compress and decompress until it has lost all of its energy and stops moving. Have you ever seen a car on the road that hits a bump and keeps bouncing up and down. That’s because the shock is blown and can’t control the springs energy.

Bump will control how fast the spring compresses, and rebound will control how fast the spring will decompress.

Now in the Forza world builds are everything and tuning is second. I would read Worm’s tuning guide first if you haven’t already it will give you a basic understanding of what adjustments affect what. Their are a few tuning threads open right now that have a lot of insight and will get you going in the right direction. There is a Differential tuning post up as well where Worm gives a good baseline setting for the different car types. That should give you a good starting point for tuning differentials.

Also regarding spring rates you mostly want to soften up the cars in Forza. A good starting point is 10-25% decrease in spring rate depending on the car. Lots of threads and open tunes up right now from much smarter people than I and better builders. Just do some reading on this page and if you have more questions feel free to ask.


Thanks for taking the time to reply and explain RABBIT i understand the compression and decompression a little better now.

So if im reading this correctly bump controls how much pressure is put on the spring before it can reach full compression kind of how much force is needed to compress the spring.
and rebound is the same but in the opposite direction ? i think thats what it means ?

When you say 10-25% decrease do you mean a 10-25% decrease from how the springs come as standard ? read worms guide but ill go and read through it again now that you’ve explained things a little better to me perhaps ill be able to better understand it.

Anyway again thanks for helping me out its really appreciated.

10-25@ softer spring than what the game has them at when you put on race spings, and yes the bump controls how fast the springs compress and rebound helps control how fast they return to normal.
now for the 2nd gear thing is it when you let of the trigger after going into 2nd that it oversteers or when you apply the gas going into 2nd during a corner?

Its kind of both when i lift off the trigger it gets a bit tail happy but its definatly worse as i begin to accelerate.

well if its rwd take the differential down to for starters around 25% and decel around 15% . if it contiues when applying the throttle reduce the accel % if it is getting worse when you let of the throttle reduce the decel % (depending on the car too sometimes ou have to increase it )

Yeah sorry for not being clear about the spring rates.

I understood it thats all that matters lol

Im trying to tune the Ford RS 200 right this minute around catalunya Full and it s RWD,at the moment its a handfull my Diffs set at 10% 50% and although its ok i can get round tighter corners ok the backend tends to like to swing out on the more sweeping corners kind of like a drift car but not as dramatic.

Ill do what you suggest and see how it goes and thanks for the help any advice at all is welcome as the more i learn the better ill get so thanks agan.

How much camber are you using and how stiff are the anti roll-bars? Also dose the car feel like it has enough overall grip? Spring rates may need to be adjusted if the car feels too stiff or just the rear springs.

Ahh WOW thats much better i decreased the diff to 25% and 15% like you said and straight away it was much better but still a little tail happy on acceleration so i decreased the accel 5% each test and its definatly improving.Ahh finally im starting to understand it all a little better.

Thanks guys ever so much i really enjoy getting help and learning especially when i see good results because of it.

Camber is -2.2 and -2.5 but im might change this seeing as the diff compensates for rear end oversteer more than negative camber does.
ARBs are 29 F 40 R i dont know why i think i took this setting off an example of one of ONR Roadrunners setups.
Springs are 808 F 728 R i set them quite high as the car seems to have alot of body wobble on lower settings and also the rear springs are softer than the front to try and compensate for oversteer.

Also i was told by a friend who has really good leaderboard times that the braking distance 60mph-0 STATS in feet should be as low as you can get it ie 60mph-0 86.2ft (86.2ft) this part you should try to get as low as you can ?

If your using the controller with the trigger vibrations on you can feel a difference in the feedback vibration. I just found this recently but when the acceleration diff settings are to high you will feel a slightly higher sharper vibration when rolling back on throttle. When you lower the the setting you can feel the trigger smooth out. You still have to adjust for the amount of oversteer you getting but at least you can feel when your getting close.

ARB’s seem to be way too stiff in my opinion. I haven’t built that car yet but I’m gonna jump online and give it a go.

Sorry what class are you looking for and aero or no aero?

S class full Forza Aero F/R

Plus i use no assists except TCS

Yeah the ARBs probably well definatly are,i havent worked out how to set those properly yet as im still trying to learn suspension and diff and if i try to learn arbs also i think my brain will melt lol.

So i took the Arb setup off of one of roadrunners setups but i know its going to be wrong simply because the car for his setup isnt the same car i tried his setup on.
Im going to lower the ARBs to F 9 R 11 as i was told thats a good starting platform.