Newbie question

I followed the opening and drive to the party. Picked a car. One of the three. Now I’m a bit confused on how to advance? I open the map and set a route. When I get to the destination nothing happens. There is no gps or path to show me where to go. Car doesn’t stop etc. where am I suppose to go from here? Open map? Make a new route?

I guess I’m not fully understanding what I’m suppose to do or where I am to go.

Thank u for your patience.

You will have an event destination on the map , just set the gps to it, I think there is 3 events at the start

The events are designated on your map by orange circles with pictures which show the kind of race you’ll be doing. Move your cursor to one of the circles and click A. If you don’t see any of the orange circles on your map you may be in trouble.

Actually the first race is the Horizon Heats - so that is the race to look for.

Aw hmm ya I remembering the heats. Took me 2-3 races before I finished in the top 3. So I made it that far lol. Then picked a car. I will check the map again as mentioned.

Thanks for being patient. You can tell I’m a newbie. I also read the help pages within the game. :slight_smile:

Nothing wrong with being a newbie.
Welcome to the party!

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If you have a Kinect you can also ask “Anna” what you should do. She can point you towards an event as well. :slight_smile:

Yeah :frowning: I did try speaking. How do I enable it for the game play?

Thanks guys. Things are improving. Anna is working but my steering isn’t lol. Takes time I guess. But it’s pretty fun so far. It will be nice when I can change cars and figure out how I get to spin the wheel. I kinda like that lol

After you complete the first roadtrip, just about everything unlocks.

Aww. Ice to see you guys are laid back and not jumping all over me. Some forums don’t take well to newbies and questions .

Thanks again