Newbie Question - Pad Or Wheel?

Hi everyone,

Looking to make FH5 my first experience into Forza!

I have done research, but I do want to know if it’s absolutely necessary to have a wheel for this or if I’ll be fine on a gamepad. Thanks in advance!

Until recently, a majority of the players will play on a pad. The wheel set ups for settings have been off, especially on the Horizon series. I have played every Forza game with a pad and I do pretty good for the most part. Play with what feels comfortable to you. A regular controller will work just as good.

Short answer: no, you don’t need a wheel to play any Forza game.

Long answer…

I started playing on a controller and transitioned to a wheel on FH4. You don’t need a wheel, in fact in FH4 I’d say it’s easier to play with a controller. The wheel adds to immersion a lot and I love it but if I’m honest I think I have better results with a controller, especially in dirt/off-road.

The wheel experience is said to be much improved in FH5 but I don’t think anyone can say that it will be better, worse or the same to play with a wheel on FH5. If you want to play with a wheel for the experience, go for it, as I did but if you want to be competitive, play with a controller, wait for feedback regarding the wheel implementation and make a decision later.

Here’s the weird part… I can’t imagine playing Forza Motorsport 7 with a controller. I don’t even know what’s best in Motorsport, I just do everything with the wheel and to be honest, I find the two games handling very different and I’m hoping Horizon 5 gets closer to the wheel experience of Motorsport 7.

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Wheel support is improved for 5, but these are games that still feel pretty good on a gamepad. There are a few hidden assists on gamepad, but nothing obtrusive like the hidden keyboard assists.

I’ve tried both. I bought an entry level wheel hoping to get into it more, but then found out it hurts my back (I have previous injuries in my back) to use so that had to stop. Do I feel like I’m missing out on something? Yeah. Do I feel like I’m missing out on a lot? No. It’s mostly just the immersion factor.

Gamepad works great with this game. The fastest way I can think to sum up the difference is that gamepad is easier, w+p has a higher potential. They are still competitive with each other though, at least until you get the top 0.1% of skill.

I have pad, and wheel, but will use pad.