New York Car Show Today 4/21/19

Not sure where to place this post on this forum. Went to the NY Car Show today. It was a nice time to see some of the rides used in Forza in real life. I was a bit disappointed because save for Koenigsegg, BAC, Lambos and Bugatti, there were no supercars. Absent were Pagani, Ferrari, BMW (of all automakers), and pretty much the rest. I did get to play a bit of FM7 in a cockpit at a Hyundai port. That’s not me in the pic but there is a photo. I’m used to a controller and manual so I didn’t win the XBOX1 but did walk away with a hat that matched my clothes. :slight_smile: My friend Brian was supposed to be there but life happened so I was there alone. I do recommend bringing the kids if you go. And a few dollars for food. A Snapple and chicken fingers w/fries cost $14.00. Nissan had one of the best displays in the house. I’m not a big Nissan fan but the presentation of their vehicles was outstanding. Kudos to those guys. Forgive one or two of the shots as they were all taken without time to really compose. Anyway ENJOY.

A Porsche





Hyundai Forza 7 Kiosk

Lego Chevy 1

Lego Chevy 2

A real Trailblazer

New Nissan, 1 of 50 to be Produced

Nissan GTR

50th Anniversary GTR