New Years Day Problems

So, booted up the game today to knock out the last couple of dailies for my 100% and there are constant disconnects which cancel out skill chains and the collision detection is broken. Driving through things like the red & white barriers at the air field and maybe 1/4 of them register as hits while I pass through the others as if I’m ghosted.

nothing such on my side, you sorted it out ?

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I saved a clip so I can submit a ticket and shut the game off. No interest in dealing with the frustration today. Checked my network in the xbox settings and everything is good so it doesn’t seem like it’s on my end.

No problems here, have played online for a few hours today.

I was in game most of the afternoon and didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.

This was earlier this morning so it could be cleared up or I guess it could be unique to me although that shouldn’t be possible since I’m playing on an x1x.

doesn’t make a difference what console you play on
some issues affect one and not others even on the Xbone X

Played all day, super fast connection.

My connection outside of the game was fine. Showing 520 download on the xbox network test. Just seemed like the forza servers were a problem but since it didn’t seem to affect anyone else it was probably a fluke. I’ll try it again this evening and see how it goes.

I’m aware. I just meant that I’m not playing on a pc with a weird configuration or driver issue.