New Xbox S

I want to move to the new Xbox One S I am worried that cars I bought will not download again on the new Xbox. Has anyone done this yet?

Are you asking if the save will carry over? If so than yes cause all gamesaves are on the cloud these days so you can go from console to console and not loose anything. The only downside is you would have to redownload everything unless you have a External Hard Drive (the best investment for a XB1 ever).


I would imagine that there are steps that you would have to complete before moving all your content over to the new console. If the X1 is anything like the X360, your content will be assigned to your home console. I would recommend calling xbox customer support at 800-4MY-XBOX. The representative will be able to guide you through the steps you need to undertake. After the Digital Rights are transferred to the new console, the game will sync with the cloud and download your most recent save and all your progress will be transferred to the new console.

I never had that issue and I transferred content to another xbox 360 without any issues. Its assigned to your gamertag/account. You would have to load up your account on the new xbox.

I had to replace my X360 when my first one died. The Digital Rights for my games was assigned to my first X360. While I could play any game I owned on the new 360 that was on physical media, all Digital media required that I be signed into Xbox Live to access it when I used it on the new 360. If I was ofline for any reason, I would be unable to use my digital content, which included any DLC for games where I owned the disk.

If he plans on using the X1 slim as is go to console, he may want to get the Digital Rights transferred to the new console so he can still use his content if there is any interruption that occurs with Xbox Live.

That’s weird I never transferred mine and it worked

The reason I was asking, when I purchase a car pack it states that I can only download the car once without charge.

Like when you go to download the car/car pack you pay $3/$7??? or when you go in game after downloading the car/car pack and then buying with in game credits?
I re read what you just said once you buy the pack its yours, if you change systems go back into the market place and you should just be able to re-download the same pack with out charge. This is the same scenario for backwards compatible games for the XB1. You just buy it once and you can download them again on the XB1 with out being charged again.

The first of each make/model vehicle when you own the Car Pack, is FREE. If you want to buy a second one identical to the first, you need to pay in-game credits for it through the Dealership listing NOT through the Microsoft Store. Same rules apply if you have a second family account on the console, the original purchasing gamertag of the Car Pack receives the first of each make/model in the pack for free, a second gamertag account can share the cars of the pack but must purchase them with in-game credits.

I moved all my stuff to an XB1S without issue earlier this week. My games and apps were on an external hard drive, so I shut down the XB1, booted up the 1S, let it do it’s updates, rebooted, set it to be my Home Console and shut it down. Plugged in the external drive and booted it back up, and all my stuff was available. The first time I started FM6 it did have to sync, it took about 30 minutes, and after sitting at 99% for five minutes said it failed, so I hit Try Again, and almost immediately it completed successfully.

You shouldn’t have to worry too much - if you don’t have an external hard drive, you will see all your stuff under “Ready to install” in My Games and Apps - go ahead and tell the title to install and DO NOTHING until it is complete. Then go to the title, hit the menu button and choose Manage Game. In the game’s hub you may see DLC waiting to be installed. Go ahead and install it all, and DO NOTHING until it is all complete. Then start the game, and while it syncs, DO NOTHING.


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Thanks everyone