new with questions

been forza player since forza came out.
However first time on forum.
how do i improve my forum rating from driving permit?
What is up with tier rating?
profile says im a tier 8 everyone else appears as a 4?

I guess making posts increases your forum rating.

The tier level hasn’t been displaying correctly for a while.

Made a few post. also comnented on others no movement yet.
so i show as a 4 to you as well then?

I don’t care about the score. Im here to talk, help and get help. Couldn’t care if that earns me points.

I’ve been on these forums for years and have made thousands of posts. Never really cared about score as i was here to help/get help. If all you care about is forum ranking two things, 1. that’s sad, 2. you will get in trouble with the mods if you go around spamming the forums with nonsense!

Just keep making worthwhile contributions and let the rest take care of itself!

As for Tier levels that is a separate thing related to your Forza Hub stats and it is borked. Has been for a while.

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