New wishlist for Forza 6?? Z-Car's Mini

Does anyone know if there’s a wish list for FM6?

I’d like to suggest to Turn 10 to add the Z-Cars Mini to the next motorsport edition.

I don’t know how many petrol heads have heard of them, but they’re amazing track cars which are basically a go-kart like subframe with a Mini bodyshell on them.

They’re usually powered by Type-R engines or Hayabusa engines.

Couple of videos to show what they can do: Hayabuse powered Mini Z-Car (this one had clutch problems on the day they videoed it) And Z-Car Mini’s

Z-Car Mini

Z-Car Mini 2

Forza 6 isn’t out yet, why not just post in the F5 wish list? It’s where this thread is going to end up.

All cars that the community hope for being implemented into the next title are put in there so the developers can browse through ( supposedly) and then add them if and when.

And to be honest, apart from those arch flares you can make some very fast minis in forza now.