New virtual car clubs - Club 49ers & Klub 49ers

Club 49ers - promoting clean racing and wanting players to get up the leaderboard. You don’t need Xbox Live Gold (XBLG) to do it. Just be online while doing free play laps, racing in season play or events and you will climb the leaderboards. you don’t have to be fast or even clean but it does help. But is alot of races :-o

If you do have Gold and do online races inspect the Game Settings. If Collision mode is ALWAYS OFF or GHOST you can race against the clock to get a classified time but don’t be too slow or the race may end before you complete the lap. Some race hosts even have longer times to end so as to have a break inbetween races. Look for the Ozzy cranky gorillas as an example.

Why make this club? I like the tuning side of the game and getting a base car and see how much it can be upgraded. I noticed that a some cars maxed out around 750 (a few at 744 actually - PI or Performace Index) nice cars to their full potential. But these aren’t quite competive against full class spec cars (let alone the fact that I’m not that skilled a controller (driver).
While racing online against the big boys and girls if you select a car to 49 you’re sort of saying “I’m here to race, not expecting to win, not really a threat but if you actually crash (most of the time it’s an illusion) I’ll pass you but I won’t try to block you when you catch up (and they generally do) so please don’t give me a “tap” that sees me watching the rest of the race parked.”

Membership: Open to all (but be advised that those wanting crashes may get bored quickly). If you would like, you can post your current Circuit All. eg as of Sept2019 I was #101174 time 417hr35m34s.
Tune/upgrade some cars to 49 of class. eg 100-149, 201-249, 276-349*, 426-449, 501-549, 601-649, 701-749, 801-849 and 876-949. so nine sub classes (no Class C or X. 351-399 if you really want just one more).
Do some lap/laps on the less frequented tracks. I’ll post these in another post in a couple of days or my next DOX (day off xbox).

Honorary Club Captain - AftBeatle52919 (has a ranking top #1000 in FM3 and slowing progressing in FM4 - fast he isn’t but methodical he is.)
Honorary Club Champion - open to suggestions
Other Positions - TBA

Incentives. For Silver - A spot to boast some times.
For Gold - your choice an upgraded Audi, Lotus, MercBenz, Nissan or Vaxhall to 749 personalised with your 2 fav colours and race number; car which will be eligible for some races TBA. (Also but to be comfirmed is access to races on the Test Tracks for those who don’t have access to them but would like to post times on leaderboards.)

For me to be able to send you these gifts we need to be xbox live friends. This means you’ll be able to see if I’m online, what games I’m playing and if racing join the session without needing an invite. It also means I could join you. So if you want to unfriend afterwards just to get the gifts, that’s OK too.

Process to a get your free Club 49ers Car. Add a post here stating which brand of car you would like, your two favourite colours (comes with black and white) and your preferred race number. Numbers are not exclusive and you will be able to edit if you want anyway. but we’ll try to keep track of numbers in a following post (read here if Krusty or the cat could be bothered). **Also please send me a message via Xbox Live so I send back a friend request. This offer open to current friends but post here will be appreciated.

Timeframe: my XBLG will be cancelled 9May2020 (best $1 everspent) so incentives available until May8 2020. Will be reopened once I’ve accrued 6800 microsoft points.
{Editor Note: future references to unsubscribed sponsors will be mildly discouraged. Please refer to Krusty’s sponsor MacroHard. Please refer to future posts below for further details.}

Addemdum: Seeking support from generous benefactors so that we can supply better gifts to encourage new members.

Edit 30 April 2020 - Krusty went to auctions. See post 8 below for detail.

Klub 49ers - something to do while not playing to be creative and have a giggle with Krusty. I’m so old I remember when The Simpson was a skit on The Tracy Ulmann Show. References to Futurama, Highlander, Douglas Adams and Monty Python may be inferred from time to time. (Don’t know who Tracy is? Dullem it - explanation in following posts but a quick plug for a sponsor. A bit more relevant than polling if you have done a marathon.)

El Presidente is KrustyKurgan42 until the next election (to be run in conjuction with Tropico General Election due in 3 years).

Honorary Klub Kaptain is “Chronic R6”. Negotiations have commenced with driver management to see if a profile can be setup just using the subclass cars. ONR team management released a statement “we don’t want our driver wasting their time in this pointless exercise while we’re competing in so many leagues”. So things are progressing well on that front.

Plug spot for sponsors / drivers (open to bribes, just don’t insult me with small ones - all bribes will be considered final and to be as “hasn’t happened” :wink:.

previous Additional Reasons for edit:

  1. Added need to send message via XBL as I don’t read forum daily (too busy playing if I can)
  2. all references to companies real or imagined are for satire. please don’t hold these views against me if I happen to apply for Senior Partner Manager. I have over 14 years experience managing and been managed by my partner.

Club numbers issued so far. Please let me know if you don’t want to be on this list.
42* - Krusty (P)** - *changed from 49. 49 is the club number. ** (P) donotes patron.
60 - Fuzey (duly appointed as honoray co-treasurer with the gifts of cars - or is that a patron?
01 & 47 - Designer (P) - honorary 1st member and honorary patron and club advisor (they just hasn’t been advised of any of this as yet).
42 - Douglas Adams “for everything”.
79 - John - RIP 16Apr2020
27 - Mito C (trophy winner 6May2020)
05 - KrankyG for the way he drives that Class A w427
24 - Vance (P) - donated some very nice cars so be some acknowledgements as patron - thank you.
08 - Panda
36 - Piano
52 - Beatle
02 - Jefa (P) - of mid July has become a patron of Fords. The #49 - 1978 Ford King Cobra with a PI of 749 (0 to 161 of 5.770sec with max speed 368k) can be bought a auction for virtually no risk to the public. Will generally have a buyout of 15k or less with a tradein of 14.7k. Other number will be offerred at a buyout of 49k and some patron numbers auctioned off starting at 249k with a buyout of 490k.

98 - OStar - ex-wheeler dealer with too many cars. will send lots our way this month. has also done some designs for club 49 - thank you.
35 - ChuckN
04 - Max
12 - Bill (seb)
111 - Poj (beware - sometimes it feels like has macrohard car)
03 - Luis
ME - MetalT
70 - That 70’s Guy - actual support by buying cars ear marked for patrons - so honorary patronship with my poor imatation of logo on some cars.
?? - RadioActive (ethan)
08 - DOrb
87 - Litros
84 - Spencer
?? - SK Boy (has advantage of really crashing while touge racing)

41 - Mano (prospective member that actually send message via this forum - 250 GTO will be included in initial gift pack) - 27/7/2020 - oops i may have accidently unfriended you before i actually had a chance to send any red cars. also made a sticker for you. refriend before 29/7/2020 to get gifts or until i get gold again.
35 - ChuckN - appentice to SK Boy and could be ranked really high on P2P if they tried something other than the downhills (go around the Fujimi)
37 - SauceG
82 - daboss
?? - Fazo
95 - Fern (john)
73 - Italic
19 or 63 - RPM
78 - PutHA. (austin) - moving up the X class LB and not even level 50 yet. one to watch maybe.

64 - Reggie - CENSEDGENIE641 - send friend requests from Nov2020 until 28Jan2021 to receive 2 x 250GTO (1 or 2 to trade or auction for credits and or 1 to use).

Bio History.

Klub 49ers was the brilliant brainchild of KrustyKurgan42, founding member and El Presidente until the next election.

The grand plan is to have FM4 updated with extra classes to reflect those times not up to full specifications. 11 classes is just not enough. By adding the 49ers class we’ll be able to see who takes these leaderboards seriously.
I’m still in discussions with the programmers as to whether times will be transferred or copied to the new leaderboards. Apparently there maybe some minor technicial things to sort out but everyone agrees that it can be sorted out if the correct fees can be calculated. Research fellowships have been awarded to three eminate professors at the University of Krustee to work out precisely how much that might be. In these troubled times we want everyone and these professors and their master reaseachers working on important issues like getting FM4 updated.

Funding will be put in place so that Championships can be run every 6 hours to cater for demand. Krusty Enterprises have secured some serious sponsorships from numerous companies looking to advertise in this rapidy expanding environment known as FM4. And as FM4 is a non exclusive we have rival companies competing to give us their K2’s (Krusty Kredits - can be obtained from K Bank and are currently trading at 10 K2 to 1cr (FM4 credits). Traders are cautious but optimistic that a product will get to market).

Annoucement: from the company that developed the popular gaming console FullCircle (you’re playing on it now) we are please to annouce that MACROHARD will be a major sponsor. The marketing department will be releasing revamped logos and adverting material in coming days (after our deDOX).

Not to be out done iKnowU - the company that gives us a moderately usable search engine “Dull Metal” aka Dullem will also be a major sponsor.

Krusty in conjuction with our major sponsor MacroHard are please to annouce their new search engine Krosby. It can be found at www.krosby.clo.wn

“Here at Krosby - we want you to know that “bardolatry” [bärˈdälətrē] is an excessive admiration of Shakespeare.” Ben Elton may be descibed as bardolatry. Dullem it for yourself if you feel inclined but if you want those points use krosby.

News Flash: because of iKnowU’s annoucement yesterday, that other tech company South American Forest And River (SAFAR) have also signed deal to sponsor a major upcoming Tournament.
A spokeman from Safar said “Our aim at Safar is to stop iKnowU from becoming WeOwnU. so far, I think we’re doing a pretty good job of it”.

And now some advice from Krusty’s Advice Hotline: Staying at home all day? Brush your teeth morning (when you get up) and night (before going to bed if you’re lucky enough to have one) or you’ll start to see lots of ads for dentists. iKnowU and Safar monitor how much toothpaste you buy and when or if you search for toothache.

Good News Everyone! Here are some more companies looking to invest into the FM4 community.

K Bank BanKing Services on Down Town (off of Up Ship Creek road) - “we’ll take money from you and spend it on executive salaries so you don’t need to worry where it goes”. Creators of the virtual “Kytro Kurrency” also know as the K2.

Krusty Kreme Donuts - my legal guys say that if this rider is here weren’t stealing.

Krusty’s Flat Out Transport - flat out of luck if you expect that parcel to get there.

Krusty’s Electrical Services - you’ll get a shock from our bill.

Krusty’s Kobil Oil - “Put Kobil Oil in your car and drive away. You won’t here any complaints.” No complaints because they can’t drive back.

Khattered Online Financial Industries (KOFI) - our financial worries will help you stay awake.

Towing by Krusty - we’ll kome to you. we recommend Mechancial Repairs by Krusty (he’s my kousin).

Mechanical Repairs by Krusty - see us after the race. we’ll fix the your car good as new and our fee comes from your winnings. we guarantee our bill won’t be more than your winnings. go on - have a smash. we are an authorised repairer and all logbooks are updated by our dedicated team of bookkeepers. we recommend Towing by Krusty (he’s my kousin).

The names are subject to change to suit stuff that can be readily changed by the cat.


Media Release {embargo until after 24 April 2020} : Krusty has announed a new league to commence Star Wars day 2020. Formula K49ers. This delay is to allow all players to install the new update to FM4 which incorporates 9 new leaderboards. The update will need a very modest download of 988kb and will install in under 20seconds and includes all previous DLC including the Test Tracks. Where will you be on the new leaderboards?

“I’m investing 13 Billion K2’s so this venture is fully funded so we can recruit the best drivers in the community for your viewing pleasure. Each participate that qualifies will be supplied with 10 cars of their choice from each of the 9 new classes. A team of experienced turners will meticullously test and fine tune each car for the drivers. Racing will be of the highest standard from the get go. Newly developed technology will prevent racers from crashing into each other there by promoting the fastest possible lap times. This is also the prevent unnecessary damage to our exclusive vehicles. It is a requirement by our insurers, Krusty’s Real Annual Premiums.
We have a dozen Regulators monitoring each race to ensure strict compliance of the rules.”

Correspondence can be entered into but expect it to be duly ignored unless accompanied by a substantial non-gratis undisclosed aforementioned conveyance. All results are not final. If aforementioned conveyance are discovered they will be covered up as best as possible and results reinstated to the highest aforementioned conveyance.

News Flash: The K2 has gone into freefall. There’s a viscous rumour that 3 or 4 ex regulators of Formula K got bored waiting for qualifiing races to fill. They went to K Bank and cleaned the banks reserves of FM4 credits. K Bank has now filed for Chapter 49. Krusty was heard to say “I’m ruined!”

In other news that may affect Formula K as two major sponsors seem to be going at it with keyboards & mice. MH app users were again frustrated as MH apps wouldn’t work after iKnowU released its latest software update of Dullem. A MH spokeperson said "We have very loyal hardware user. FM4 players use Fullcircle and we encourage all our users to use our sperior searchengine at www.krosby.clo.wn as we give give almost meaningless points for almost meaningless searches. You’ll get more AMP’s if you use it everyday. Mind you, if the cat forgets to program some reward searches like “Say What?” and “Want a cracker?”, no points for you.

Report Note: MacroHard made very popular cars in the early days eg 4doors. Drivers got used to driving along going about their business when BANG! and unexpectantly crash for no reason, wait for a rebonnet and then begining slowly drive on as if nothing had happened. This marvelous feature has been incorporated onto some other driver’s car in the online races (never mine; one tap and I’ll have 99% damage). My repair bill is so high I don’t have much winnings after the race. I’ll shamelessly plug my good friends at “Mechancial Repairs by Krusty” who’ll fix the car good as new and the repair bill is guaranteed not to be more than my winnings. Fully logbook service and they keep track of all repair costs. You will however have to retune the car yourself, the mechanics can’t explain why I keep finishing at the back of the field.

Media Release: Formula K can still go ahead!

Krusty has had a windfall. He didn’t realise that credits spent in the auction house could be reclaimed. And with the K2 last trading at 10,000 K2 to the FMcr lets say "We’re back! I won’t try to pay off those regulators either. This time I’ll use it buying cars.

I’ll be offering a prize of a very pretty 2011 Ferrari FF. The turbo is broken. I can’t install it and I can’t sell it either (I think it might be linked to the paint job). I’ve managed to upgrade it to a PI of 797 with nice race tyres. Was bought at PI800 but had drag tyres and thus rubbish as a racer.

Might have to scale down the Championship to say 3 cars to cover all 9 classes so get busy tuning. Krusty has found a car that can be raced from 149 (rusty) all the way to 849 class (does struggle abit but has been restored nice and shiny).

Anyway - see you at the races.

78 views at time of this edit.

Krusty went to the auctions and has caused a bit of a stir by buying some cars. Kase of mistaken identity maybe. Seems there is a bit of a riff between “That 70’s Show” and “Non-Racer Trader on the wall”. Krusty isn’t going to say a bad word of either in the hope that one or both might do what Rusty Gate does; philanthropy* - I had to do a Krosby search there to spell that word correctly. Only took me 3 tries :wink:

Anyway - back to the auctions. I picked up some Lambos. Had 3 to give away but have given one to Fuzey as they kindly gave me car that I have literally* (4 tries) been dreaming about for years. Gave him a copy of the design. Photos in Storefront. Then got a kommision for a nfs GTR. all cars received with gratitude* (1st try!)

ALERT - So - 2 Lambos to give away (that are upgraded to R3 749 but can go to R2 875) for making a post here and sending me a friend request. Please let me know your preferred number & colour (color). You can change the colour (and design) afterwards either “buying” free, cheap or expensive design (some of the free ones are amazing - some i’ll rate because i can’t use them all) or edit yourself (find a hidden creative person inside you).
Offer only to current XBLG until 8 May 2020 (as my XBLG expires until i build up those AMP’s).

114 and counting until i can bothered.

5th June 2020. A big thank you in an oblique way to a couple of players that bought some ridiculously priced cars at almost obscene buyouts. So friends of KrustyKurgan42 (hint send friend request) will be getting some to lots of cars until 29 July 2020. This week the focus will be on 1950’s and 1960’s classic cars.

Also thank you to those that bought some of my old cars - i need to room for these new old ones :wink:

A test 49ers tournament was held Stars Wars day and was won by Krusty (no payments needed to but still open to debate). Look out for future events in comming days until 9 May 2020!

A trophy event was held 7May2020 with a times 3 participates. Mito won 5 races, Krusty 3 and Orb08 joined in late a won a more normal race. Mito was declared winner after 8 races but still duly won the Grand Finale around Nordschleife in a stock R3 Audi. Orb08 will be judged to be runner up as having no connection to the organisers. Krusty is still delighted with the podium finish. After buying the trophy car for Mito (a 124 almost as seen in my photos - download a pic shortly), cars bought at auction will be used as runnerup prizes (2005 Ford GT - just working on the design).

Hi. I’m just slowly posting slow times on each track, working my way up the leaderboards.

Circuit: 2201 at 219hr43min (another 200 races then I’ll make a start of the other 120 test tracks)
Drag: 1562 at 11hr52.51
drift: 343352 at 380819 points
Oval: 1332 at 13hr06.07
P2P: 644 21hr05.39

btw, don’t have gold but one day maybe. 52. Yellow and Black or orange. :slight_smile:

PS - Thank you for the honorary club captainacy. I’ve posted one set of times on the test track as requested. Not fast really. Class C Test Tracks using PI276 cars - 69056 players a combined time of 17min32.045sec giving a ranking of 2050 as at 6 May 2020.

Stay safe. Stay home and play computer games to save lives.

With considerable resources, Krusty has commissioned dozens of drivers to try out for the position of test driver. Discussions with Chronic R6 are continuing but being caught up in international travel has meant that there are opportunities for up and coming drivers. Just the other day (9May2020) trials were held at Positano Reverse in cleasses E and C. From a packed field THCamazzing cleared the pack in a stock Eclipse '03 to record a clean lap. Krusty had sent some specialy tuned cars sent to all participants by Krusty’s Flat Out Transport but there may have a delay or two or three. some cars may have been deemed sub standard and work carried by the drivers to retune cars to their driving styles.

Advert. Are you a mechanic looking for adventure? Thought about joining Formula K? We are at Krusty Kurgan Racing are looking for highly moviated mechanics (read here that you’ll work for free) willing to work on a variety of (old) cars to bring them to spec of the new classes. Plenty of work.

THCamazzing has agreed to a short term contract to be a test driver for Krusty Performance Development, Ink. Krusty is impressed with this young driver - today (12May2020) amazzing able to post a faster time in a Fiat Pinto Evo PI399 than Krustry in a full spec Miura '67 at Sunset Club Reverse (not that Krusty claims to be a hotshot at been 10seconds a lap slower than the top drivers but questions need to be raised about some of these “unregulated” times).

So lets look at amazzing. Actually our highest qualifier with starting rank of 1041 at 73hr24min50sec. After trials of 9May2020 had rank of 1030 with time at 71hr10min18sec. After signing the contract, this eager driver is claiming to be top 1000 (ability yes) and has started making further inroads at making this a reality. At time of this posting rank now 1018 at 68hrs26min57sec.

A grueling regime will be put the drivers to see if times can be posted in these highly modified (reduced capacity) vehicles over previously posted times in full spec. It will be a challenge.

So the course for the ECX Cup will be follows:

Class E. Fuji R, Positano R, Silverstone GP and International, Sunset Club, Full R, Club R, Test Tracks c,e and all the reverse.

Class C. Silverstone International, Positano R, Sunset Full, Full R, Club R, Suzuka GP, Top Gear Loop R, Sedona Club R, Maple Full, Full R Short R, Fuji, Fuji R, Bern Festival R and Tests b,c,d,e and reverse.

Class X. Ladera Short R, Full, Camino Full R, Fuji R, Iberian Full, Maple Short, Top reverse of Loop, West, East. LeMans both.

32 regular tracks and 16 test tracks.

With all these amazzing is heading towards sub 55hrs (about 970)

The time to break into top 1000 is 63hrs held by [MC G] MCG666 if anyone interested.

Good luck to all.

PS amazzing at 1009 65hrs51min - just 3hrs to shave.

Happy to report that our test driver amazzing is now ranked 994. Well done.

The club captain is still slowly plugging away at the leaderboards. Has started using 49 class cars, notably a PI249 VW Beetle in class E (AftBeatle). About to break through into top 2100. Although I’ve notice an unclassified lap on Road America.

Update. Beatle is ranked 2094. Just 1100 spots behind amazzing. Krusty is ranked 3247 at the moment but has been busy getting sponsors/patrons for the clubs. Vance has express an interest. Might have to hire some more mechanics to tune all these new cars.

Still early days but looking at holding some races with period cars some 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s. If you want some of these cars to race, let us know and we’ll organise an trial race. Really looks like next month with the long weekend coming up.

Quick update of Club 49ers Leaderboards.
Two members have the honour of being in the Top 1000 in Circuit. Spencer and Amazing (under 50 hours).
Designer at 1433 at 148hr. Beatle at 2058 at 210hr.

Some others to watch.
Litros 47493 at 380hr
Chuck 932384 at 487
Fuzey 1233038 at 494
SK Boy 1523331 at 498 (races to Old Fuji Downhill ALOT.)
Radio at 511hrs
Bill at 511.4hr
Os at 517hrs (too busy at the auction house buying cars for the club - varies from Mazda 2 to 250GTO)

although got to be careful of the auctions - I did get a couple of dodgy 250GTO with an original owner that I wouldn’t give away to my friends. Thx again to That 70’s Guy to take them off the books.

Anyway - might have to offload some cars at auction. CU round.

My how time flys when you’re having fun and getting more work so can play. Work to live. If you live to work, work will kill you.
It’s that time again when gold runs out. Next month might treat myself to a birthday gamepass. Oh well.

In the meantime i’m going to pass the ball to Club Captain AftBeatle52919 - players can still message me via xbox live but i’ll be out back doing some doodles and painting, making up logos, stickers and F1 liveries. Have done Renualt and Ferrari so far. I’ll be working on Alpha, McLaren and the rumoured Audi. Maybe RedBull but i find rest so ohum.

Anyway. If you want some cars to race or to sell at auction for some credits, send a friend request and chat. Doesn’t need to be much. Preferred racing number, favorite colour(s), fav letters (to make stickers and logos) and nickname.

Stay safe.

Hi. So the baton has been passed on for the next couple of months while Krusty goes job hunting IRL. Good luck.

As for me - I don’t do many races. I fact I’d say crawling would be more apt. BUT. On the the leaderboards I’m up there. This month I aim to break into top 2000 in Circuit. (boasting is not really my thing but was a strong suggestion by El Presidente). Using 49ers tunes will be a step up for me as previously I used the lowest PI car in class. But I’m sure I can plod along just fine.

Anyway - I’ve been handed a nice line of credit from K Bank and have been asked to sell and give away Club 49ers cars with some new sponsors. These include:

AB Racing, Hasty Machines, Aftima Batteries, Afterstate Batteries, Afttrol, AFT Racing, Hastini, Aftomoblox, Aero Front Disks and Beata Home Appliances (so far).

cya round, Beatle.

Hi All. I’ve been given the task of promoting the 49ers. So for new players on opportunity to get some cars/credits through the “club”. For Forza veterans an extra racer on the heels never hurts. The upside for me is to get some friends to be able join races and renew my march up the leaderboards.
Any assistance with artwork (designs or vinyls) would be gratefully appreciated as well. I have been reading abit of manga “Initial D” online. Reggie.

PS Slowdriver has been sent starter pack. 449 and 749 Ferraris.

Until 18 October 2021, new players wanting a hand with vynals, cars or just someone to race with, send a friend request and a message.

This month, Krustys pick car is the 2010 Chevy #89 FLM009. THIS is a special car in that it is the only disk 1 car that can race in R1 and R2. For those that play FM3 may remember the Mazda that started R1, was pretty good in R2, devastating on some tracks in R3 and could even be tuned for S class (but the time won’t be valid on the leaderboard )-: ).
The Chevy however, being a Chevy, is OK in R2 and will be OK for setting lap times and if you don’t have disk 2 (ie Furai) then you might enjoy this. Not really good for online racing with simulation damage on though as the tyres soon over heat.

This promotional car with #49 will be in the auctions for around 2mil with buyout around 3mil. IF you don’t have the credits, send a friend request and I’ll send you one (paid by OS98 - what they do or where they get their bakery items I don’t ask).
Want your own special number? Send a message. Would you like to be a sponsor? Club 49ers have a number of packages available.

Of course, the offical 49ers car for R2 is the 2005 Toyata Supra tuned to 849.

Anyway - hope to see you in the online races. Genie.
PS The R1 Chevy’s do very nicely in the 949 class. Oh, the #99 Chevy (a reward for Level 49 btw) DOESNOT tune down to R2 as per “The Max”

Unoffical Press Release. Subject to change by presidential degree. Update re the recruitment of our pro team.

Good news everyone. Today we welcome our newest member to Club 49ers, FUJINZETTO. We have a pro driver (paid with vynals, detuned cars and hint of car that can’t be delivered) that may occasionally train with us. We will gain some skills and Zetto will gain some qudos going up the LB.

Temporary Team Manager “Censey” issued the following statement. “We are very pleased with our new driver. In testing so far, no one as been able to touch them. One driver going the other way at Hockenheimring couldn’t even scratch the star recruit’s car. Collisions were on but safety proticols were in place for the protection of all drivers involved”.


Update. Soon after joining, Krusty realising he could make a quick loaf of bread, sold the marketing rights of Zetto to a rival FM8 team - ESV, EVS or something (the note got got at by the powers at be).

Censey is not happy but hopeful that training days can still occur. “The transfer market these days are brutal. I’m sure we could have got more but the deal was rushed through.” Time will tell.

The agreed LB is P2P as it not affected by what tracks or cars you have access to. Currently Censey is 583 with 16hr03min52sec and aiming for top 400. Zetto is 4277 with 65hr33min04sec and aiming for top 5 in Fuji. Thats going to be tough to measure so well go for top 100.