NEW V8 SuperCar Series!

I am in the process of creating the ultimate v8 supercar series for Forza 6!

FM6 Ultimate V8 SuperCar Virtual Series

-League Rules
=Driver League Capacity is Unlimited, however only 24 can start each race!
=Team Capacity is Unlimited, 2 drivers per team.
=If a driver wants to switch teams thats no problem just let me know and I will change it. However your current team points will not carry over to your new team, and I will need the approval of the new team you are switching to.
=Each race will be 25 laps, with a Championship race of 50 laps.
=There are no regulations on car set-up, tuning, or upgrades. Unlimited!
=Dirty drivers can be voted out on Ban by other driver complaints, and will be voted on as a whole group. This is a serious league for serious racers!
Eligible Cars:
2015 Ford #17 Xbox Racing Ford Falcon FG X
2015 Ford #5 Pepsi Max Crew PRA Falcon FG X
2015 Holden #1 Red Bull Racing Australia VF Commodore
2015 Holden #14 Freightliner Racing VF Commodore
2015 Holden #22 Holden Racing Team VF Commodore
2015 Holden #97 Tekno Autosports VF Commodore
2015 Mercedes-Benz #4 Erebus Motorsport E63 AMG V8 SuperCar
2015 Mercedes-Benz #9 Erebus Motorsport E63 AMG V8 SuperCar
2015 Nissan #23 Nissan Motorsport Altima
2015 Volvo #33 Wilson Security Racing GRM S60

-Race Rules
=Full Simulation Damage
=Caution Flags On
=Practice 10 minute session
=Qualifying 1-2 Laps
=Race 25 laps, Championship Race 50 laps

-Driver Rules
=Register your Team, and Drivers with numbers requested all through me on the Facebook page.

The volvo is op at full pi and will dominate this series if u can get it up and running… Also u have some stiff compitition from other v8 series currently running.

If u want to help run events like this or have ideas of your own try orl or delta. I’m sure the guys there will have something your interested in or require your help in someway. Good luck mate

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… what Tyskie said, and if you’re from around Australia, the V8X guys are very much V8 Supercar established and focussed too.