New update crashes game on startup

Like the title says, I get to the start game screen and then it just crashes

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I have the same problem. I have been playing on PC with zero crashes or issue since launch and now after this update it won’t even load up. Shows startup screen and then crashes immediately. I didn’t change a thing in my PC overnight except downloading that update. I will try to go back to playing on XB1X but it was crashing over and over there too on launch day so I decided to try PC and it worked perfectly until now. So frustrating.

Takes too much time to sync data on first start and when you cancel it and continue without sync, game keeps loading at launch screen. Pls help, just downloaded the ultimate edition. Thnx in advance.

Still waiting for this , just downloaded the update and then … rip! game doesn’t even start lul

Updated : Don’t start this game on pc while using Msi Afterburner .