New Update 5-16-16 [see Support forum]

Just got on to play from yesterday and got prompted for a update. Anyone happen to get it as well and also know what it’s for?

I received a new update today that was just over 100MB. Is there any information on what this Update is supposed to address?

Just booted up the Xbox to check, and yeh, there is an update.

Wheel fix? Hopefully, probably not though.

But I’ll check anyway

The track order in Rivals mode is now correct. I reported this couple of days ago.

Thanks, Turn 10!

Well Brian has just said it

Rolling starts have been moved back by 15 meters on the following courses: Rio Full, Rio National, Rio Coast Loop, Indy GP Classic, Indy GP, Yas Marina South, and all Watkins Glen ribbons.
For lapped traffic, “Distance behind” in HUD now measures distance by meters or feet, not laps
Fixed an issue with Drivatars losing collision after a rewind when the Drivatars are in a pitting state, but outside of pit lane
Fixed an issue where certain players were unable to continue in career without upgrades

How big is it?

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Whenever you see a content update, look to the Support forum. Brian has been posting patch notes threads there and I update the Content Update List thread with each one.

But at the time I think this was posted before the patch notes even hit, though it would probably make sense that a wider group of people would see it in the FM6 Discussion area.

Caught it anyway, still hope some others hint wheel get fixed since release :stuck_out_tongue:

Highly dought wheel support will ever be good in forza.Never has ,prolly never will… Its all about the game pad in this game…Threads have been posted all over this forum since day 1 about the wheel support.Notta has changed.Dont get your hopes up

I doubt the wheel will ever be fixed. Maybe FM 7 or 8… seems to have something to do with how the steering input is dumbed down to make the pad more user friendly that makes using a wheel so unnatural iirc. it’s been a while since I’ve used a wheel but hope one day they manage to make it useable

So now after the update I no longer have access to my DLC cars which are already in my garage!! It is telling me I need to pay for them again!! I don’t understand.

Trying my 4th power cycle now!!

Finally got my cars back!! Technology is rediculous I swear it has mood swings!!

Part of the issue with certain things happening was on the Xbox Live side earlier - including Friends lists and content access in The Cloud. Nothing to do with the FM6 Content Update today. Anyone notice the statement earlier where our avatar pictures normally are spotted? That was Xbox Live, not Turn 10 or the forums.

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Perhaps it addresses the lack of haptic feedback when shifting manually, where the visuals are there but actual feedback absent as of last Friday’s build.

Definitely they improved the visuals. Especially the brightness in the cockpit. The update it’s amazing. I only drive from the cockpit so I can clearly see that there are major improvements. It is the complete opposite of how the interior looks in FM4, too dark and low on details. I always wondered when they were going to improve this. Great job

I played career tonight and noticed a couple of things. This was in endurance prototypes. First, the drivatars seem to pit really often, even if they weren’t involved in a wreck. Second, the rewind (yes, I use the rewind feature just to get through races quickly) makes some of the drivatars drive incredibly slowly for a couple of seconds. Lastly, hitting the wall now seems to vibrate the screen a lot. I don’t play prototypes, so I’m not used to them.

These things don’t bother me, but it might for some people that don’t go online.

That drivatar pit issue was even before may update. Specially on lime rock or long beach. Some cars on pos 2 pited after the first lap with no issue.
But all in all I’m really glad that the cars after the updates are not that slower. Some here wrote from 8 seconds or so.