New to Xbox One Painting and Feeling Concerned (first xbox one design shown)

Hey guys what’s good. I know this might seem old news to some, but I got an xbox one in november, but was used to the old painting style of the xbox 360. My question is though, what happened to the storefront? I mean seriously its hard to find anything around here (at least on horizon 2). I remember spending countless hours on horizon 4 and 3 just looking for tons of paint jobs. Also correct me if I am wrong but is there no way to share paint jobs and vinyls with friends in forza horizon 2? Being a painter and pretty much losing most if not all my work from horizon and forza 4 now being on the xbox one, I was going to ask if any of you guys would be willing to share some vinyls or anything like that so I can have inspiration and some things to get started with, but it looks like that no longer can be done. What do you guys think. I havn’t spent too much time in the paint booth yet because well i only got horizon 2 3 days ago and just reached the finale. Also I will upload some of my work so far hear later on.

This one is kinda simple and easy, but I thought I’d add it as well (mansory “like” concept)

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Nice start mate ! Best way to find good paints is to go in the fantasy and race section and follow all the painters in there write their gt s on a bit of paper and go from there it’s amazing how many good paints are out there if u follow these ppl and way keep up the good work

It is gone… as much as it should return it wont i fear. there was too much hacking going on around the storefront and AH which is why they got rid.

Its painful to find anything unless you know a painter or design you want. no more searching by scrolling unless you like chrome or carbon cars. Get in a club or tagging painters on the forum/XBL.

Your right you cant gift anymore… its good and bad for the obvious reasons.
I’d suggest starting to trace the manufacturer vinyls and then crack on with your own.
There is inspiration all around on google, here on FM and everywhere you can think! its just about knowing what you want to have a crack at replica or design wise.

its decent start for sure but keep posting up progress and im sure other painters will jump in and help guide you along


Urm can anyone tell me what the egg timer thingy mean on my storefront I can’t see any of my vinyls on or can my friends who play either any help? It’s horizon 2 on the 360

Looks good to me, keep going