New to the game. Are auction house cars and paints in those cars all made and sold by real people?

Hey. Title said the most important thing. I just bought the game few hours ago and been loving it. Before finishing for the day (It’s already almost 5am here, lol) i decided to check out the auction house. I think i made a deal of a lifetime if the paintwork and such are really made by real people.

The car i bought is painted by “Elite Painter” and is tuned to nearly 10 in every aspect. And i paid 200K CR for it. Here are screenshots for it: Pics for the ferrari

Would love a confirmation if “Elite Painter” is something fairly rare and if it was actually a good find or if you can find stuff like that fairly often.

its painted by a real human yes. ‘‘elite painter’’ confirms that he has had quite a few downloads/likes/uses and probably has a skill to it :slight_smile:
I find it quite common to either search for elite paints ore cars that are painted my elite players.

edit: if you find a player that suits your style of paints then follow that players as his paints will show up first when you buy a new car…

Elite paints are fairly common in the Auction House but it does mean that the painter has had a fair few downloads on their work, as GamerBlades said. The main ones I tend to see in the AH are ‘galaxy’ themed Lamborghinis, they seem to be everywhere…

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Elite painter status is actually rather common as it’s not even the highest level of painter status and does not really require that many downloads, likes and uses compared to Legend painter status (highest status). Based on what the community has gathered (T10/PG has never actually outlined what the status requirements are officially) … Elite status is about half-way to Legend status. It has been confirmed that the painter levels are determined by all combined downloads, likes and uses for all shared designs. And Legend status requires 50,000 combined downloads, likes and uses of all shared designs.

You may also discover even more wonderful creations here:

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Yes. Though the abstracts in the “featured” designs section are over done and tired. I’m not even a big fan of the Vixen designs anymore. They are getting rather generic. And Little Vixen never responds to requests if you don’t know her. I would rather deal with painters who are open to new challenges even if it doesn’t get the Developers attention

Little Vixen is a VERY busy Turn 10 employee. She’s got enough on her palette in her day job without attempting to take on individual requests.


I have always wondered this, and this seems like the best place to ask. When us “the gamers” design a car in forza we use the vinyl editor and add layer upon layer to our cars. Here is my question though, how are the “designs” applied to the cars that come stock in our game? I am talking about the cars with racing liveries and such. Are they applied in a different way or are they applied thru the same method that we have to use to apply decals?? Basically what I am asking is, do the devs have a shortcut to “paint” vehicles in the game?

Well … the cars that you’re talking about … that come in the game with racing liveries already applied like those in the All-Stars Pack … are very definitely not created using the same tools with the same limitations that we ‘gamers’ are limited to. The vinyls and graphics on those cars are of much higher quality and resolution than anything we can do and have vinyls placed on areas of the cars (wings, glass, etc.) that we cannot access. However, the designs that Little Vixen does that you so frequently see in the Recommended Designs sections for most cars appear to be done using the same editor that we use. I know that many of the devs and T10 employees play the game as much as we do and I believe that when they play on their own for fun they probably play it as we do and use the same editor that we do as well. Many painters have long wanted to have access to the same tools and the same quality vinyls that the devs use to create the actual designs that come from the game … but it doesn’t appear that that will ever happen. At least it’s not happened to this point.