New to Online Racing, How Do I Become A Better Racer

I have been playing Forza 4 for several months now but I am new to online racing. I would like to start racing online a lot so if anyone is interested send me a message or friend me on xbox live; my GT: Aviator1201. Im not that great racing online and anytime I accidentally bump some one bc I couldn’t hang the turn or we are three wide or somebody brakes early when im drafting them they go nuts and attempt to kick you out of the lobby and talk trash about you and will not let it go. I want to avoid those racers. If you are a cool headed person and doesn’t rage when somebody accidentally bumps you then I would like to race with you so I can be better at online racing. Hopefully there are still plenty of decent racers on here that understand where Im coming from.


My GT is MFBigfoot79. I can try to help you get better. I mainly play after work, 12:30 a.m. EDT, but I also play a lot on the weekends. I can probally even get you into the club I’m with if you want. We are a good bunch of guys and gals that like to race. The club name is Evercool Racing Team, it’s in the Clubhouse Forum.
I know how it is starting anew online. It’s sucks, I did in 2009-10 when the majority of Forza community was still on FM4. It’s thnned out now but there are still a lot of cool headed people that will race clean and not blow up at you for the accidental bumps and bangs.

Run lots of laps. Focus on setup and tuning your cars run more laps. Create a private lobby race the AI turn off collisions earn credits.

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Thanks that’s good info. One of my weaknesses is tuning but it seems I have gotten better this past month

I’m mostly on weekday mornings (est). If your around at that time you can send me a FR. I’d be more than happy to help you out.