new to forza

Just wonder is there any real benefit of playing solo mode over online? or should I just play online! , I am new to the game and noticed that when playing in solo like bucket list you have to repeat it for online mode too, and I am just a bit confused as I have unlock cars in the solo but non online yet , so i am sure if there is a difference in what you get in playing solo and online .

Any cars you unlock on single-player transfer over to online.

A benefit to playing solo is that you have more control over who your racing against and the knowledge you won’t be rammed as often. (Drivatar difficulty)
Also in solo when you get to the horizon finale if you come first you get 1.5 million cr.
Solo will also give you alot of valuable experience before diving into online

Online shares the same tracks and cars as solo play does.

I’d defiantly recommend playing a couple hours or so on solo getting use the controls, handling and to get a more competitive car for online modes.