new to forza - worth getting?

hi, i’ve been thinking of picking up a 1X for forza 7. i’ve played forza 5, 6 and horizon 3 on my friend’s xbox and rather like it.

i’m a bit hesitant to pick up fm7 given the really bad store reviews and negativity on social media channels and some of the posts that i’ve viewed here.

can someone tell me if the game is worth picking a 1X console up? thanks very much

I would ignore the reviews. There are some issue and they are getting around to be fixed. There are more issues on the PC version that I hope get fixed, so can’t really talk about the xbox version but they seem to be giving that version the priority for fixes, so it’s probably very good now.

As for this game, or if any game justifies a purchase of a console, that’s a pretty grey area. I’m sure you will love it on Xbox, especially if you have a 4k tv. Also, if you when you buy a console you always get an xbox, then you can’t go wrong. Watching some video’s and reviews, it’s going to be a couple years till we see a new generation of it and the PS4. If you don’t have a 4k TV, while it will upscale, I don’t think it would be worth paying the extra money for the latest generation. Save a little money and get the prior version.

Fact is, if youve already read a lot about the game then anything any of us says is simply just another review.

A game is just a game and even a great one will only hold your attentiom for so long. The question you should be asking yourself is will you play other games on the xbox. If not, its a big outlay for any one game. If you will, then FM7 is only the price of any game therefore less of an issue if you dont like it or dont derive many hours of fun from it.

Unfortunately the only way you’ll know if FM7 is for you is to play it.

If you want a racing game, get Project Cars 2. If you want a general car game, get Forza Motorsport.


I ignored the negativity and am glad I did. Loving FM7

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Here’s the thing. From my experience and from what I’ve seen the negativity is more directed at Turn 10 not the game for a whole host of reasons. The game itself is a slightly different story. It is a bit broken but if you can get past that fact it’s imo still the best racing game to buy. I would still wait until a later date to pick it up though.

Ignore the reviews. Some of these reviews are more like political bias against loot boxes being in the game than actual game play itself. Loot crates in the game are largely useless, aside from the mod crate boxes.

If you can ignore the few bugs in the game, then FM7 is a great game. Racing is solid and the car roster is pretty strong.

I’m a very casual gamer and I love cars. I really enjoy Forza 7. It has issues that are being sorted out, but if you enjoy cars and driving then pick it up. I have been enjoying the career mode, rivals, Forzathon and the online lobbies are fun (but you will encounter a lot of crazy wrecking behavior). There are some people who will never be satisfied and you need to keep that in mind. I’m really enjoying it and don’t regret buying it for one second.

A lot of the reviews were at the start where there was quite a lot of hiccups and in reality, it did deserve some of the flack it copped. These issues are being addressed and it is much more manageable now Others have opinions in regards to certain elements included or missing that keeps the forum busy and again some are justified and others IMO are just being Girl Guides. I have most of the racing games -
sims or arcade available for Windows PC and use FM7 all the time, have fun and feel that even if I stopped playing it tomorrow I can’t say it did not give me entertainment value(game and forum) vs $ value paid and since the improvements(game) I have no regrets. Nobody should buy a console for one game so you really need to take that out of your decision making and go with 'I am thinking of getting an Xbox 1X and I think I shall download the FM7 demo and see if I like it.

Please answer the following:

  • Which is more important to you: Single Player or Multiplayer?
  • Are there any particular features you liked when playing previous Forza titles?
  • Are there any other notable games you would be interested in playing if you got a console? (Some of them may be Xbox One X enhanced)

If you enjoy Single Player, then Yes buy the game, you will enjoy it.
If you enjoy Multiplayer, then NO, save your money or buy something else.

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I think it’s worth it. I play it two different x1x and a x1s. No trouble to speak of on either console. Some glitches, but more than manageable and I’ve played FM7 far more than any other forza FM2-FMH3. If you’ve got a 4k HDR TV, then definitely get the x1x. Otherwise the price of the x1s is so good, it plays the game in HDR mode, just doesn’t use the 4k textures. Runs the game just fine.

If you think you’ll get enough enjoyment out of building cars and racing them around a track over and over certainly, if you want something a little more casual/open FH3 would probably be a better recommendation

Yes get Forza 7. The graphics in 4k at 60fps and handling (with feedback steering wheel setup) is unbelievable. I can’t say enough good things about this game it is so well done. Yes there have been some issues with some to be sorted out but having been playing the game solid since it came out I don’t regret one bit. I’m hooked!

If you are new to Forza I might hold off getting the Xbox 1 X and 4k TV just for F7…

If you already have the 4k TV and had planned on getting the 1X anyway then yeah I’d pick it up. Most of the complaints on here are about features from previous versions that people want to see back. The single player mode is great and free play let’s set up a race however you like. I wouldn’t get it if all you plan on doing is racing online, or if you do find a group of people in the racers lounge forums and set up private lobby’s…

Yes get FM7 now

Let your enjoyment of the game play convince you to get the XBox One X

it won’t take long… you’ll have both before xmas and will have a blast playing 'em over the holidays

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Xbox one x and a 4k tv just to get into forza 7? No way. Forza 5 and 6 are much better games overall. 7 is alright, but boring. They took away a lot of good features( store front, real auction house, gifting, ect) that dont make up for the new ones they added (dynamic weather) imo. Yes i will still play 7, but horizon 3 is better, and i think 5 and 6 are also better. With 7, the game seems broken and incomplete, especially since launch. Yes they have taken a few steps, but once again to little to late. I would have been much happier to get the lastest updated version as the original realease. That would have been more up to my expectations for a top game launching, not what we got.

i’ve bought a New 4k tv when fm7 released. and i am watching allot of netflix on it. great!


FM7 have changed abit from the other FM titles.

if you enjoy single player you will like FM7. just remember the Drivatar agression assist, its the other way arround. it helps some atleast.
if you enjoy private match and have a few freinds to play With you wil enjoy MP.
if you dont care about rules in MP you will like MP…
if you have any manners what so ever you will probably not like MP With Public hoppers.
If you did allot of rivals at Your friend this has become different(no more class based rivals and allot less rivals overrall if you dont Count hot lapping in free play)
Free play has become allot better. allot of ways to change ‘‘the game’’ to Your liking. this is great this time arround IMO. best free play experience i have had ever.

i could og on but this are atleast important to me. FM7 have changed and im finding myself spending less time in FM7 than earlier FM games. allot is because many of the buddys i played FM With have left the ship for more serious racing games(PC2, asett corsa, DiRT etc…) and i have moved allong With them. so less play time in FM7. but when i want to game for myself FM7 is still my go to game.