New to Forza Photography

Hi there guys, I am completely new to Forza, and somewhat new to Photography. I was wondering if some of you guys, the community, could give me a few pointers on photography in Forza, and some feedback as well? Thanks. - TannerS14 drifting shot
Thatdudeinblue SMURRF shots

These are all great photos. Love the mustang tail light shot. You could try some sunrise and sunset shots for a really nice scenery shot.

I good place to start playing around with is zoom… it flattens the image and can often look nice and just like phoenix mentioned some bright colours from sunset/sunrise shots

Thanks Barflab111 0

Looks nice! I would say pay attention to where you put the watermark. I think it should not obstruct anything. It’s annoying to have to have it so might as well not make it look like a trash in the shot.
Also try playing with Aperture. It brings flavour into shots :slight_smile:

I really like the taillight shots of the Mustang, especially the dark one.
You can also play around with aperture, it messes around with background blurred depending on how high you set it.
Nice shots! :slight_smile:

Very nice action shot here: