New to Forza photography

I’ve never been any good at taking photos in Forza or real life photography for that matter. But I would like to start taking photos of my cars in Forza so is there a beginners tutorial to taking photos in Forza or can someone post any tips to get me started. I know I will never be as good as the amazing photos I’ve seen for the photo contests, but would like my cars to look better than the amateur point n’ click quality of the pictures I’m taking at the moment. Thanks for any help guys

Check out this article on Forzatography techniques:

That’s not necessarily true. When it comes to Forzatography, we are all equipped with the same “camera”; therefore, you can become equally, if not better, with some practice. The key is understanding that a point-and-click mentality must be replaced with time and willingness to experiment with the angles and settings. It is amazing how many possibilities there are because of the lighting, freedom of movement and vast combinations that come with the sliders.

Of course, most real life photography rules apply and are expanded upon thanks to the flexibility of videogame photography. Spend some time messing around with on particular shot to see what possibilities you can come up with and, before you know it, you’ll have some real gems to share with the community!

Good luck to you!

Trust me, you don’t really need to be good in real life to be good in Forza. I had never even used a camera properly before I started in Forza, and I’m pretty proud of my work. I’m far from the best but far from the worst.

And don’t worry about being better than the people that win photo comps, out the half dozen that win every week, only 2-3 are any good, it seems like the judges don’t really go a properly good photo and go for more of the Easter egg sort of photo.

Good luck!

Well first a big thank you to ManteoMax for the link to Forzatography, thats going to be very useful to me just what a was looking for you must be one of those new super mods the ones that have a perfect answer to any question :slight_smile:
Thanks to The Shadow Edge and LumpiestFish115 for your help and encouragement for my new venture into Forzatography. I’m looking forward to learning this new skill it just shows me how much Forza has to offer above the racing that I’ve enjoyed since Forza 2.

Remember, too, to visit the FM5 Media Center - There are more tips, really great threads and the folks are pretty helpful.

Thanks Snowowl i will be hanging around the Media Center from now on :slight_smile: