New to forza 6

Hello all I’ve been virtual drifting for years but lately I’ve been playing gt6 and now on forza 6 and wondering if anyone can help with set up for a rx7 FD. Also what tires are you all using… Thanks in advance

While it is typically up to you in terms of how much grip you want on your tires, anything above Sport is frowned upon. For competitions there are also restrictions on tire width/weight ratios, but I’m assuming you’re just asking about tires for drifting in general.
Considering that you’re drifting an Rx7, make sure you haven’t given yourself a bunch of turbo lag by upgrading the turbos and camshafts - it just makes your job harder, as well.

Thanks for the turbo and cam info I did notice lag.

Yep! Also consider tuning your rear springs somewhat close to your front spring rate as well as having your rear tire pressure a little less than the front. Makes things a little easier. Any further questions, feel free to add me, my GT is the same as my name on here.

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