New to Forza (6) - having problems with car (tuning and upgrades) A660 class - career - oversteer


Forza 6 is the first racing game I’ve tried - and Its been fun until now - where its become fun and frustrating. Playing career mode, I’m in the Nightfall series with allowable cars in the A660 class. I chose a Lotus Evora - so I could upgrade its handling, thinking I’d have a zippy good cornering car and have fun - instead, I found it to be extremely squirrely, way more so than other cars with lower handling numbers. Basically every turn was a drift fest - and placing in the top 3d virtually impossible.

FWIW - trying to run clean races (not bashing my way through) - have the controller mapped (where applicable ) to 1-100 (etc.), Normal steering, automatic shifting, abs and brake line only. Not having a braking problem - the oversteer happens only while in turns (regardless of braking) - and to eliminate it I have to come WAY off my speed to get the yellow chevrons to disappear - any more than 5 yellow chevrons visible and I get to slide around corners rather than drive around them. Further, as I try to come out of turns - I lose a ton of speed b/c the rear tires have no traction & I’m all over the place fighting to keep the car on the track - or waiting till I think I have straightline grip again…

I’ve taken off every one of the upgrades and started over, focusing on grip. Also, have softened the rear sway bar to @ 9 attempting to eliminate the over steer - and have the front pressure at 31, rear at 32.5.

When I test the car on the maps I’m racing - it does fine (tune and upgrade seem to help) - but then in the race I can’t keep up. I get passed in the straights, and can’t take the corners at speed… Out of frustration I bought one of the ‘recommended’ cars, drove it stock and bashed my way to a 4th place finish (much better than I’d been doing in my ‘tuned and upgraded’ Lotus.

Would really like to get this car dialed in at A660 - but it doesn’t seem like I’m on the right track.

I’ve tried googling about this, but not finding much specific to this level of vehicle. Any advice appreciated.

Hi Joe,

Having read your post i have a couple of ideas for you.

In my opinion your tyre pressures are about 3-4psi too high, i set mine to be at 30psi when running at operating temps, this may be too low for some, a lot use 32psi when running as the marker. When set your tyres should be under 30psi in the setup page.
Also the evora being mid engined like some other cars can suffer with ‘lift off oversteer’ in the bend. I find cars like this benefit from using a trailing throttle technique, ie. If you’re not on the brakes you need to have the throttle open, even just a tiny bit, the light driving force on the rear axle can help stabilise the car through the turns, especially long arcing ones.
Also, when upgrading the engine on cars that are twitchy and very responsive to easing off the throttle, steer clear of using the upgraded compression ratio, as this upgrade more than any other increases the sensitivity of your throttle inputs, if thats not the case you could try using a pos. disp. Supercharger or low grade turbo, otherwise try using slightly longer gear ratios and/or play with rear diff settings & slightly increasing the rear cambers.
Not saying any of this will definitely work for the evora, haven’t driven it myself in F6, but these are the areas i look at when having the issues you are with a car.
Hope you get some benefits :0)

agree… too much tire pressure try 28 or 28.5 race 3 laps and check your tire temps… Also, the Lotus in my opinion is a beast to drive in the first place. Try a diff car and see if you still have issues. Keep in mind with a car like that its slow in and fast out of the turns. .dont go in too fast.

Firstly, Welcome to the Forza series!
The Build is the most important thing!! Make sure you if you are after Grip in A class that the handling is in the mid 5’s+.
Try to lose weight out of your car. Race Brakes,Springs and ARBS. I also try to use sport/race tyres with max rear width. I only ever use front width if the PI Index allows me.
As for tuning, If I where you I would take your car for a test drive and check your telemetry(down on the D-pad).
Press right on your D-pad until you come to the Tires section, showing PSI and Temp.
As per usual run for about 3 laps without adjustment and then try to work your tires down to around the 31-32 PSI hot.(I run at 32 hot)
Then left tap your D-pad to the springs and check to see if you around the 80 mark when under braking. If not adjust your springs to get near that figure(thats what I do anyway).
ARBS I do by feel. So if the car feels stiff when turning, Lower it by 5 at a time(or what you think!), If the rear is kicking out Lower it by the same values or what you feel comfortable with!
I tend not to move them that much as the springs do most of the work for me.

Soft rear ARB with soft rear springs, deceleration setting are probably to low. For a more accurate info you may want to post your tune as im sure the Forza community will help you out.

Lower from tire pressure to like 28.5-29 and rear tire pressure to like 28-28.5, increase rear and front tire camber (front to like -1 or -2, rear to like -4), increase front sway bar stiffness to like the high 20s and lower the rear sway bar stiffness to half of your front setting, keep front springs softer than rear springs by like 50lbs, lower the car by like 2-3 inches, keep front rebound stiffness lower than rear rebound stiffness, keep front bump stiffness higher than rear bump stiffness (but keep both below midline), increase brake pressure to 200%, lower the accelerating diff to like 30-55, and increase brake diff to like 55-75. If you have adjustable front and rear wings, set front all the way to speed and rear all the way to cornering.

I gave you the settings for anything you may have added in your build. This will keep you grippy in turns, but speedy in straights, and will almost always prevent your car from oversteering, just ease into the brakes and ease into the accelerator.

Hope this helps!

Hey Joe,

Like already mentioned in earlier posts your Forza experience will be heavily influenced on how well your car is setup. I would recommend you check out the Forza Tune app that you can purchase for $2.49 through Itunes and Google… The app is a car set up calculator and helps provide a good base line car setup for you to use. I’ve noticed that it will immediately improve your overall car balance and thus make your car much more stable. You can then tweak and modify the tune based on your preferred driving style. It’s made my Forza experience a lot more enjoyable!