New to drifting

Im wondering where to start/what car to start with and videos/tips to help me get started

Excellent questions.

Videos, others may be able to help you with. But I can tell you this. One of the easiest cars to learn with, is the Nissan 240SE SX. Great Wheel Base, Good range of Engine conversion options. Light weight, but not too light. It’s a wonderful beginner car.

I would suggest not jumping straight to 700hp. I would take it down to like 400-500 at first. FM5 people seem to find a bit twitchy and easy to lose control of their car at first. Run with a good low HP car for a bit just to get the hang of things.

I’m sure people around here can help you a whole lot more. Best of luck to you! See you on the track!

Personally, I wouldn’t go to videos for help. I would seek someone out on the forums (I’m an option) to work with you and help you understand how drifting works in FM5. I agree completely with FizNpop, the 240sx is the one of the best, if not the best car to begin drifting with. If tuning is another issue you may have I can help you with that as well or you can seek someone else out on the forums if you wish. Whatever you choose, I hope I helped a little and I hope to see you out drifting with us!

I’ll vouch that Yakuza is very helpful when it comes to drifting, especially putting together a forgiving setup for someone who’s still learning their way around drifting in FM5. I’ve been trying to get California Drifter since it first came out and have gone through over a dozen cars and at least three tunes on each to try and the closest I’ve come is 14k.

I did just a quick shakedown before bed last night on the Trueno he helped me set up and racked up over 2k on a couple corners, so I’m confident when I get back on this weekend that I should be able to finally put that one to bed, then maybe I’ll give the Nurburgring drift challenge a shot… after having to thread the needle between the walls on Long Beach, that one might actually seem easier by comparison.

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Coming from someone who makes Forza videos, I agree. Most people are idiots and give you false information.

I use a C-Class Trueno as my practice car, I feel like that’s great for beginners, however whatever car you wanna dump hours and hours of practice into is usually a good choice. My only advice is stick with something that comes as RWD as standard (unless you wanna go the AWD route), and has good weight distribution, aaaand isn’t any heavier than 2,600lbs. Makes the building a lot easier.

Cheers and welcome to FM.Net’s DL!

Ok I took the earlier advice and trying my hand at drifting in the 240SX. I know this might be a crazy question, but how do I drift using the controller?

I can help you, RBrimer. Message me on Xbox One and we can talk

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Did you request for me to join your party?

Please disregard my previous post. I have given up on the idea of trying to drift (especially get the challenge completed for 25000 drift points in one lap at the Nurburgring GP). You guys can have the drift stuff, I respect you for your skills but it’s not for me.

Yea I did, I meant to send you a FR but I sent a party on accident

Ok, give me a few minutes to get back on. I had to step away for a few to clear my head.

Thanks today yakuza ive learnt quite abit more im still very bad though

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Come on over to

I’ve put up a good intro to drifting and have several cars built for beginners to learn how to drift on. That’s where my tutorials, and drift tunes are posted. I am always happy to help somebody learn how to drift. :slight_smile:

Some of my work at the above link.

I must say that the Nurburgring GP 25000 point drift challenge is by far the most frustrating challenge that has been released for Forza 5 so far. I am roughly 300 points shy of completing the challenge, and there is absolutely nothing more heartbreaking and depressing than watching your car get away from you and your points for the corner disappear. Thanks for the heartache and grief.

If you are just learning to drift, I would not worry about challenges. The challenges are for once your an established drifter and are ready to have your skills tested.

The way I teach people how to drift is by taking a track 1 turn at a time. You need to learn the basics first.

The entry is nearly the most important part of any turn.

coming off a straight you need to evaluate the turn you are approaching. Tight, wide, medium, short etc

beginning your entry and executing your entry is a 2 part process. You can throw the car and flop right to a 90 degree angle, however you may lose all your speed and not be moving fast enough to carry through the turn and to the exit

When beginning, I usually move to a 30 degree angle to start. Then as the turn approaches and I have begun going around it, I will adjust my speed and angle on the fly. There is a bit of negotiation between the throttle, gears and brakes. But once you get the hang of it and know the turns well enough, it becomes less chaotic and more fluid.

While you are working the apex of a turn, you need to be very mindful about your throttle control. When learning, you may find yourself in an all or none frame of mind. Meaning full throttle or no throttle. This is dangerous as you run the risk of oversteering or snapping too hard on a flop. You don’t exactly need to be tac’d out around a turn. Sometimes sitting at 6k RPM’s is all you need.

You will, over time, develop a finesse of minor throttle adjustments, just tooling around mid trigger squeeze only applying more pressure or releasing just slightly. Just enough to navigate around the turn, staying sideways and maintaining control.

During the exit of a turn. your main goal is to not fall off the track, and to not oversteer into a wall or rumble strip. This is the easiest part really. As long as your apex was executed correctly, the exit will fall right into place. Just take it easy on the exit and be easy on the throttle when leaving the turn.

NOTE The above it for a basic turn. There is much to be considered when it comes to elevation changes and bumps in the road, and also traffic on the turn and many many variables such as connecting turns and switching turns.

If you would like to spend sometime and go over more of this, hit me up. I am a very patient person and have no problem teaching those who are willing to learn.

Well put. I had been going over basically the same thing with a few other guys the last two nights or so but if you would like to add me and we can go over this together with people that care to learn I would be down with that.

Sounds great man. I’m a tuner as well and can explain how to make easy adjustments without needing to be a RL Mechanic/Engineer. lol.

I might not be around for the next 3 days due to the 4th of July Holiday. But i’ll be around when I can. After the 3 days, i’ll be back to being online each night from about 7:30pm - 11pm EST.

I appreciate all the offers for more help. I’ve been away myself for the past few days, spending time with my daughter here in Florida. She heads home tomorrow morning, so I’ll be back on some time Tuesday. I hope that having some time away from the game will give me a fresh perspective.