New To Drifting

Love playing Forza but new to drifting. Ive built a few drift cars before but haven’t been successful in drifting them. So Im wondering what car(s) is good for beginners (like me) to build, drift, tune, etc?

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Here’s a beginner tune I made for those that need help learning to drift:

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I’ve been using this recently, think I’m getting the hang of it.

I have noticed however that I can’t maintain my drifts for very long, I suspect that’s because I don’t have enough power going to the rear wheels. You can see in this clip that I’m having to “snake” the car in an attempt to link up corners. Similar here, not getting a drift to “stick” and having to try various things to get it moving.

My advice is you’re changing gear too much. You don’t need the car to be redlining all the time. I tend to use 4th gear majority of the time. I did build this car for smaller tracks so it may struggle a bit with bigger corners but 500HP should be enough to get it through them. A lot of people go on about not need a lot of HP drift which is true, but due to size and weight of some cars and the size of said corner, there is a point when you need more HP to get you through the bigger corners.

Handbraking can help you slide longer as well. While handbraking you can then hold the clutch in and apply throttle so that you build up RPM’s, when you let off the handbrake and clutch the power will be applied to the wheels and ‘boost’ you a bit to continue the slide

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Try this Drifting Guide:

lots of videos, tuning advice, etc features lots of people from Forza community.

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Thank you very much for the help you guys. Love this about the Forza community. Will definently add you guys but I dont have Xbox Live yet though.

Try my rx7 FD tune…“VFD” on the storefront