New time attack club anyone?

So, I’ve been wanting to start up a new time attack club since the lobby tends to get a bit ridiculous with the occasional drifter getting in the way or some hapless kid with teenage angst and too much Mountain Dew decides to pit maneuver you because you’re passing him in your Vee-dub.
Although I’m new to the forums on here, I’m not new to Forza 4.
I really want to get together people who are about time attack.
The rules will be pretty simple.

We will run a race at a random selected track, and the fastest time in each class is the winner.
We will run three classes at once.

Red team- B Class only
Green team- A Class only
Blue team- S Class only

All cars and modifications will be legal.
Driving difficulties
Easiest Allowed Steering- Normal
Easiest Allowed Braking- ABS on
Traction Control is allowed and so is stability control (however, I don’t suggest it)

When doing time attack, just remember not to dirty your lap time. (Drafting, going off or cutting the track, hitting someone, etc.)
If anyone is interested, let me know and I’ll start a new club.

How would you do time attack? Can you stagger peoples starts? I’m kind of a newb so don’t know the answer. Or just let everyone run at once? Or do you want people to run on their own. I’d be interested. I’ve been racing a lot of B, some A and need to start getting into S probably.

There will be 1-3 second delays, varying on the track size, so that people can get in a clean lap.
And the groups will be in order of their PI.

There will be 1-3 second delays, varying on the track size.
The grid will be arranged by the performance index, with the faster class up front and the slowest in the back.

sounds like fun

It’ll only work with collisions off.

We’ve had success at running it with collision mode on. Generally when I get a track day lobby open, most of the players follow the rules pretty well. Accidents happen, so I’m lenient about it. Whenever somebody starts running into people with a H2 or purposely tries to knock everyone off the track, then you bet I’m going to kick them.

collisions on seems like madness. If F1 had a dirty lap system like Forza, i don’t think anyone would ever get a clean lap. The drafting penalty makes collisions on hot lap nigh on impossible.

Oh, I know. But I try to keep it simulation as possible.

I don’t know how these usually go. Do you race as long as you want to get your best time and then get off? Or do you have a set amount of laps everyone is supposed to run?

I’ve been wanting to get into an online racing league, but there are a couple of things stopping me. Well, I signed up for one but can never seem to get my schedule to work out for it. But more than that, I’m concerned about the amount of laps everyone runs. I’m sort of a novice and I’m just not sure I can go 40 laps somewhere. Whenever I’ve hot lapped if go long, my eyes start to bug out and water and that kind of stuff. LOL. I would love to see races more in the 10-15 lap range. Instead of 30’s and 40’s.

But I think time attack is up to you and your car how many laps you run. No? If it is, I’d totally be interested in a race series like this.

Usually, we run 10-15 minutes of a “timed race” (time length varies on the size of the track). Like a larger track like say, Suzuka (where it takes 2:30 or so to get around) we’d run it for 15 minutes. The shorter tracks, between 10-12 minutes, so you have a few laps to get around.
So you have 10-15 minutes to get in a fast, clean lap. Of course, the fastest clean lap is the winner.

Eventually, I want to run an endurance race, like 50 laps at Suzuka.

15 minutes I could handle. That’d be greeeeeeat.

In the meantime, I have to wait for the servers to come back on. Kinda frustrating.
I’ll start this new club and I’ll give you all the name to it so you can join.
Also, it helps to have a mic.
By the way, I will be adding different classes as well, but they will all be close to each other.
F, E, D,
D, C, B

Love this idea. Forza is my favorite game hands down, but much more so for the driving than the racing. I’m a backmarker unfortunately, but would definitely be interested.

I am 100% down for this!

I was thinking about joining one of the leagues but I know I’ll just get trounced. Time attack would be perfect for me.

I am 100% down for this!

I was thinking about joining one of the leagues but I know I’ll just get trounced. Time attack would be perfect for me

Lol @ “trounced”. Such a funny word. This does sound like fun. One question…do we pick what class we wanna run, does the host pick for us, or does the computer pick for us whilst in the lobby?

There will be three classes I will run.
I’ll start with B, A, and S.
If people agree on a lower or higher class (this helps if you have a mic) I will change it up, but like I said before, they’ll be close together. I won’t run a F class with R3 cars.
It’ll be F, E, D,
D, C, B
C, B, A, S
B, A, S, R3
etc, etc, etc.

Each class will be scored separately, so whoever is the fastest B class wins that class and so forth.

The server is back up and the club has been created!
[clTA) Club Time Attack.
If you’re interested, feel free to join!
I’ll start a race lobby around 9pm central time in the US tonight.
All experience levels are welcomed. Hope to see you all join!

Oh yeah, sorry for the confusion. It’s clTA. (that’s a lower case L, not a capital I.)

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