New Team!(club) Still undecided on the name! Drifting and racing! :)

I am currently part of DIA (Drivers in Action) in all previous forzas; I am making a new team here in forza horizon 2, separate from DIA. I want to have a well behaved community that gets along, and puts on a lot of drifting and racing events, as well as competitions with other teams. I know teams from forza 5 and 4 that are converting to forza horizon. I am very knowledgeable in tuning for drift cars, which is my speciality. I can work with beginners, and bring you up from the bottom! Just hit me up and come hang!! :slight_smile:

gamertag: cocoloco161

If you are interested just message me on xbox and I will get back to you.


I got you

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Xbox 360 or one?

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its xbox one

Yea sorry guys, its Xbox One only. IF you have it hit me up and well play and hang and race

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My gamertags TheAss4ssino , i can drift, got a car club called DK’s Customs , add me up and we’ll go drifting , show off what you got!!!