New Tamo Racemo is a tad buggy

Posted about this earlier in the post about the new Tamo Racemo, but just thought I’d make a new post about it here.

If by any chance you happen to search up the list of countries in the Auction House or My Cars, the new Tamo will be classified under the country List_Country:. While this seems to be harmless while doing it in My Cars, if you search for the same country in the Auction House it creates all sorts of graphical glitches and weird sounds before crashing. Don’t know if this is dangerous to game data or if there is a risk of saves being corrupted or anything but I’m not going to risk it and try it again.

Just throwing this out here in case Turn 10/Playground Games sees this and fixes the bug issue, in the meantime, I’d avoid trying to search for this car in the auction house by it’s bugged out country name


I appreciate the heads-up.

Just thought I’d give You a heads up, just in case it wasn’t already known. Hope this is also in the right place, because I couldn’t find another form it would fit in. I only found this as I had sorted my cars by country in an attempt to find all my Japanese cars to complete Forzathon this weekend. When sorting by country, the 2017 Tamo Racemo falls into its own category of List_Country:. I’m guessing It would fall under Japan or Korea, as its championship is listed as Asian Sports Cars. Just thought I would try and bring this up to someone’s attention, as it may have been overlooked.

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The Tamo Racemo is from India.

Presumably we’ll get a content update in April and this might be one of the included fixes.

The Tamo Racemo is one of India’s first Sport/Super cars you know… Its not Japanese or Korean.