New steering

I love new steering after patch. It’s like new game now. Who else noticed this big change? Do you like it the same as me?

They still have not given console users a wheel rotation angle setting. Until this is fixed I’m stuck with 900 degrees. Very rough race competitively with that. So I can not feel if it is better or worse now. How hard can it be to add this. They have it for PC users. Two updates and evidently this isn’t important enough. Very poor launch. Doesn’t appear they even tried.


Cant say ive noticed any difference on PC/wheel

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Seems pretty much the same to me on the XSX with a controller and standard steering. Maybe counter steering was a smidge less twitchy? Drifting with RWD was a bit less like herding cats.

I meant gamepad. Who would play Horizon on a wheel…

Yes, something like that. Less dampening and input is more sensitive so you can’t use the same style as before when game smooths everything and add big input lag. It’s a new game.

Litterally thousands of people…


So… less than 1%?

Pretty sure there’s many thousands of players on a wheel - I’m one for sure.
The wheel has always been restricted against controllers - specifically on drifting.
It’a about time they redressed the balance.
n.b. wheel rotation settings are still not available like they were in FH4.
no chance to change from 900 degrees which is critical to get a better result in drifting closer to controllers if you can get closer to 270 to 300.

Even in standard races it usually dial it back to about 420 - 450. No chance to do that either.
Why is 900 degrees even an option - unless your an Octopus.

The top 1% maybe. Have never seen your name at the top if the rival list.

OK, few ones. It’s fine but gamepad had always amazing support. H5 broke it and now it’s much better. I am not sure why and I am afraid of they could add terrible steering again.

It’s less twitchy, has more drift angle centrifugal force. So it is a bit easier to drift at a 90 deg angle. Smoother, perhaps updating faster.

Did the patch notes mention the steering? I haven’t noticed a difference.

No but the drifting was changed, so steering is a part of drifting.

No, at all, that’s the reason they could change it back. It’s completely different on Xbox. Less input lag and more twitchy. As it should be when you have more control. Before it was like playing something like Grid.

This reminds me of how every freaking update of MacOS felt ‘snappier’ to everyone on the Apple forums.

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Not really. This game is all interconnected physics. You change gravity for example, and it changes the whole game. We know for a fact that they changed the drifting, and the opening post was written by someone that does drifting.

However, nothing in the physics seems to have changed. Maybe I missed something?

Well they didn’t mention the drifting change which is very obvious being that you can drift on the sand now.

Try the game, it’s completely different now. I think it’s the steering only but didn’t test it properly yet.