New Rival reporting and CR bonus in Free Play with Feb 5 update?

I took the new Ferrari out for a quick two lap race in Free Play, and noticed when I finished the first lap, I got a pop-up text like I do in Rivals mode, that I had just beaten some other players time. After the race, on the Credit Rewards screen, there is a category I don’t remember seeing before: Rivals Ranking Bonus. It’s almost as much as the earnings from my short 2 lap race. Was I just not seeing these before, or is this a new feature that’s not listed in the release notes or the announcement bullet points? I’m not complaining–the CR are welcome, it’s just odd that it isn’t mentioned at all. I haven’t noticed if this is in Career races or not yet.

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Been there for a while in rivals…not new with this update

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He did say in Freeplay, not rivals. I’ll check this out later.



Actually have seen it in free play too when playing with no drivatars

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This happened to me last week prior to update. Only once. I had to do a double take thinking I was in rivals but it was Freeplay. Must be some kind of bug because it never happened again.

You’re right! It does appear to have just been that one time. I should have taken a screenshot! Interesting–thanks for the info.

Had something similar but no credits. I was doing rivals for a while, left to do some/hot laps & tuning. The Rival time staying on screen & every time I set a lap faster NO MATTER WHAT TRACK in free play it said I beat my rival

this is a comon bug on pc too, i have a chance of 25% that this happens whan i change from rivals mode to free play - only a game restart solves it, a long lasting bug - not only since last update

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Yeah, I had this a couple of months ago right after installing a new update. I noticed that during the race on the top of the screen there was a weird time to beat (1:18 on multiple tracks if I remember correctly). Once I did a clean lap and every faster clean lap after that I got the same message as I would get in rivals that I beat my rivals time. I restarted my console and after that it was gone.

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Have the same problem, today i gets few runs in free play mode and there are few issues. I always plays with 23 drivetars and always get reward for drivetars lvl but today I do not get any reward only rivals reward show after the race. Also do not show my position in the race always was displayed in top left corner, now it’s gone. The board on the left side with distance to opponents also missed and there is no chance to get it. I restarted the game few times as I restarted console and the problem is still. Got the message with rivals beaten and on top right corner got the time of next rival. There is a bug that need to be fixed.

I opened the ticket in support page.

haha good luck for FORZA 9, maybe its sorted out than…

After report all returned to normal, maybe coincidence ? I don’t know :wink:

The problem returned. Do rivals mode after few laps goes to free play and there the issue popped up. After game restart all returned to normal.

issue that may be exploited to gain about 10M credits / hour dixit “ADDY HD”@youtub

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