“New Rival” never actually a new rival

I’ve been doing rivals in Forza Horizon 5. When I beat my rival’s time (with clean lap and everything) I go to collect my reward and then I get the screen that says “New Rival” and asks whether i would like to race again with the new rival. But it is always the same rival (with the same time) as the one I just raced and beat. So despite saying “new rival” it’s never ever been a new rival (which is why I assume this is a bug). So I always have to exit and re-enter (at which stage it assigns me a genuinely new rival). But I assumed that the purpose of the “new rival” screen, as in FH4, is to give you a genuinely new rival, if you’ve beaten the previous one. I have no idea what else “new rival” could mean, so, I assume this is a bug.

I did not see this on the official list of “known issues.” I am playing on Xbox One X via game pass, but with the premium edition add-ons.

I submitted a bug report about this just now (the above two paragraphs are what I submitted). Does anyone else have this issue?

(I apologize if this has already been discussed; I did a quick search on mobile and got a lot of generic results about rivals, but nothing that jumped about about this specific issue.)


Yep, never seen it suggest a new “new” rival, you’re not alone.

I’ve been seeing this pretty much since release. I thought it was a lack of other players actually setting records so the AI would just spit out the same opponent.

Reported while ago but not listed in “Known Issues”
There is another bug that shows always “Winner” without beating the rival and it always shows time in green