New Rims for Forza

Hello everyone,

I was looking through the rim selection on Forza 5 and was wondering if Turn 10 would ever upload new rims to the game. I love the rims they have now, I was just wondering if you guys could “spice things up” and put new rims in. I don’t know what you guys would have to do in order to put them in there (copyrights and whatnot), so I don’t know if you guys have a “limit” or something. Just a suggestion, but not required to make the game more awesome than it already is.

If they gave the option to paint the center piece and rim lip separate, they would make a huge difference.

Hey, It took to the fifth version Just to get white paint on the rims,Now you want to paint lips & center caps !!These are the same rims we’ve had for three versions of the game + Horizon. BUT it would be great to get some more , the current selection is getting stale. ps I know they added a few drag rims w/ 4 so… Deep dish an offsets would also be great… just my two cents…

You should be posting here: That’s why there are sticky threads at the top of the forum, for all requests, suggestions, etc.