New rewards coming soon

New rewards coming soon,this is the message ive been getting when i click onto the redeem rewards tab,its been like it a day or so now.No countdown showing days to next reward so not able to collect your reward,but you can still go into the rewards overview page.Weird?Anybody else getting this message?
Ive looked through the threads but found nothing,if ive missed it can somebody point me in the general direction?
This is on the website,not the hub or on xbox live.

It could be due to background maintenance: possibly trying to resolve issues where other players were not receiving rewards, or getting ready to adjust the Tiers for the next game release. In the last two years though the Forza Rewards points and Tiers were updated in mid September along with the release of the Demo.


Ok,i never thought of that,cheers for enlightening me.Its probably done it before loads of times but i havent actually clicked on it at that particular time.

same here, still waiting for the actually rewards but the good news is, that there is enough time to get it working again :wink:

i seen this also this morning website need s a little bit of updating if ya sk me to resolve some issues might be thats why we dont have rewards yet or they could be adding in FH4 tier points id like to see getting 575k per week none of this nonsence of having to get back from 425 k to 500k per week

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No offense intended towards Max as he probably likes to toe the company line in most discussions like this, but the Forza tiers and rewards system has not worked reliably, consistently or accurately for years. Either on the website, hub app or in game. It’s a great idea to reward long time players, but it still amazes me that something that should be so simple to manage seems to always be so hard to do around here.

While I’m on it, a similar thing can be said for the whole official Forza website. It has had and still does have many issues and a team with the resources of T10/MS should be able to run a much better website for its community.


Totally agree with all of this, an overhaul is needed!

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Misstating my motivations as if they were somehow corrupt in front of the community isn’t appreciated and is of no benefit to the community and what I’m trying to achieve as a forum moderator. I like to provide context to help offset conspiracy theories and exaggeration. That’s a position I take in every community whether I work for the company or not. The context here is that while there’s always a small group of players each week for whom the Rewards don’t work, the majority of players have no issues redeeming and collecting rewards each week, particularly from the website. The context here is that when everyone’s seeing the same message, that’s different than usual, and is an indication that something is either being worked on or will likely be noticed and worked on because it’s affecting everybody.

It’s not as if the company isn’t aware of issues with Rewards and the website, so a blanket statement “Forza Rewards is broken” is neither new information nor informative about its history or how it affects multiple users.


Totally Agree. It’s inexcusable the way this forum is always so laggy, considering who hosts it. And the Rewards problems should make them just hang their heads.


I wish they’d get rid if the Gamerscore requirement. It’s very silly and unnecessary compared to the other tasks you complete to boost your tier.

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why just not make it no effort to do anything, just like most of the requirements
better still get rid of LOYALTY rewards altogether since it not that hard to get most of the gamerscore in these games

Max, I understand your position and applaud all your efforts here to inform. You do a masterful job. That’s why I included the ‘no offense’ comment… But I can see how my ‘toe the company line’ comment could be seen as derogatory. That’s not how I intended it.

I would probably beg to differ on your comment though that a majority of players have no issues… Particularly with regard to what I was referring to about the accuracy of the rewards. It has been an ongoing issue for years for probably a very large majority of players, if not all of them, that it takes months and months for tier changes to actually register in the system so that rewards issued are actually correct. Earlier this year I moved up a tier and it took 6 months for my new tier to register… Meaning that for half the year, the system has not been accurate for me. And I’ve talked to others for whom it’s taken even longer to register. This lone issue has been around for so long that most players have probably just accepted it as ‘the way it is’ and have stopped complaining about it. So while you’re probably correct that most users don’t have issues actually getting credits, I’d argue that very likely more than half the time the credits they get are not accurate.

I stand by my statement that the system rarely works reliably, consistently and accurately… Noting that that description is much more specific than a simple ‘Forza Rewards is broken’ claim. (Which is not something that I said.) And apologies for not providing more examples of problems with the system… I am at work and typing when I can on a cell phone. If T10 was to seriously consider fixing the issues and wanted serious feedback, I’d be happy to provide a longer, more detailed list of issues that the community experiences.


Well, I have never been able to redeem a reward since forza 4 Iirc, I just gave up on it and don’t even bother to try anymore.

Getting close to a year I’ve been tier 12 and still getting tier 11 rewards.

Sites up da left says your tier 4 on your post trex

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Oddly, if logged out it currently shows everyone as Tier 1 with 0 points and joined since 2005. If logged in that changes to Tier 4, 1050 points and joined since 2018!

Edit: And I note that having added this post, my own details look correct despite everyone else’s showing Tier 4. Very odd.

Edit 2: After that edit mine is now showing as Tier 4 etc.

Edit 3: And now back to correct … I give up!

Same here, hopefully once FH4 gets its own Tier points it might start working properly.

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Uh oh, is this how long a wait I have to look forward to? Reached tier 12, 3-4 months ago, sitting at 21,471 points, still getting tier 11 rewards.

I havnt been getting rewards at times in FM4 and can’t redeem any rewards I claim in FH1 this last few months for some unknown reason I get a error message try again later but it never redeems hope thers fixes for these issues

Yeah,so does yours,thats also messed up!!

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