New Racing Twitch Streamer

Hello! I am AUGSpeed. I have been a fan of Forza since Motorsport 2. And, recently, I made enough money to be able to get a good computer, and I am now streaming Forza on my twitch channel. I would love to have some people to watch me, or even have some people to race with! As of now, I can only play Horizon 3, I am waiting for my prize money from the FRC to be sent before I get Forza 7. But yeah, I will be streaming regularly, just check the schedule section on my Twitch! so do please come on around and chill with me! I am also quite good at tuning and designing in the game, so I make many exclusive tunes for myself, and I might do some exclusive paints as well. If I have enough viewers, I will make unique one-of-a-kind cars for my viewers to get on the auction house and use, just because that seems like fun! Anyways, come join me later! This is my twitch channel. You can keep up with me on my Twitter page, so you know when I am streaming. I hope to see you guys later!

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