New player missing some initial series/season challenges

I initially purchased xbox series x to play FH5 when it arrived, and not ever playing the game before, everything was new to me. I tried following instructions for the first series, but by the time the series was over and finished, I have challenges I cannot go back to and finish because they closed off to me? The way I think I ought to get them finished, but I ,don’t know if it will work? It would risking the time and effort I’ve put into this game already?

Is there another way around this, so I can keep my previous statistics? As I want to keep a record of my previous game play.

Seasons/Series are time limited. Once they’re done, they’re gone.

Timed challenges can’t be unlocked after they close but there will continue to be new series and seasons, and previous awards will return in future opportunities.

What if I were to reset the game, would I start from the beginning again, and be able to easily finish each challenge, or would I be locked out?

If you reset the game, it will start you from the very beginning again…however, the Series/Season Playlists will NOT reset.

Series and Season playlists are time sensitive and are available for a specific period of time, in real time, not game time…

Current Season (call it Season 1 for simplicity) ends on thursday at 2:30pm GMT (not sure on other time zones)
Next Season (Season 2) then starts at 2:30pm GMT Thursday

You reset your game on Friday which starts you back at the beginning of the game
However, the Playlist will show Season 2

Playlists are not linked to your game so resetting your game does not reset the playlists back to the beginnning…once a playlist has expired, it has expired forever

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I figured ‘Nursemorph’ this may be the case. Unfortunately, it sounds like this matter is answered. Thank you for your explanations on this subject matter. Cheers