New Photomode/Paint-shop suggestions from PG/Community Discord session

Did anything come of the Discord session had with Playground Games (7th Oct) regards suggested improvements to Photomode and Paint Shop?
I had the understanding that all the proposed ideas put forward during the session were going to be put up here in the forum too?But I can’t find anything.

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Well done xxJ0n4Th0Nxx :+1:
I searched high and low for that thread that week in the hope that I could reiterate any points that may have been missed or misinterpreted. The thread is now closed but I’ll read it nevertheless.
Thank you

I was initially happy to learn about that live conversation but then a bit disappointed as I was told by the T10/PGG people organizing it that it was not intended to be a real in-depth idea-gathering session but more of just a spontaneous community participation event. That’s why the thread on the forums here was closed instead of being left open for further input and discussion. I was going to come here as well and add more detailed ideas and suggestions as the initial conversation was held while I was at work during the day and I could not really participate as I would have liked to. But, like I said, I was disappointed to learn that simply gathering feedback was not the intent of the convo … so that left me a bit puzzled and disappointed as to what the real purpose of it was and feeling like why should we bother.

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We are looking into having something like this potentially for the future but currently that was not what the goal or outcome that we needed.

We haven’t stated that “gathering feedback was not the intention” as that was a big part of the spitballing session which we needed. The reason for it to be a ‘spitball’ and therefore deciding to keep it spontaneous was to allow quick thinking and a forefront of suggestions, feedbacks and ideas. We didn’t want players to dwell on their thoughts as sometimes, whilst essays and giant paragraphs are useful, overall the core answer within an essay can be found within one sentence. We wanted to have players first reactions, e.g the first thought/experience that ‘pops into your head.’
This doesn’t mean we will always use this way to gather feedback, because every form of communication we use has both it’s pros and cons and a select form of audience(s), but at the present time and the gameplay experience feedback which the team needed, this was the best source for us.

You can always write your thoughts and discussion here in the forums too and I’m always open to reading them.

If you want to suggest ways in-which you’d hope the team to gather your feedback and improve communication between the team and yourselves the players - Let me know in this thread.