New PB isnt updating

So I originally Smashed The Double Hairpin (The Mountain Drift Zone) With a Supra HE, Got a low score of 94,000. I bet it with a Buick Regal GNX (RWD Drift Beast BTW) and got 100,000 Drift points. It didnt show “New PB” Nor did my score update. Its still at 94k with my Supra. I brought a Silva Aero, beating it again with 104,000 score. Didnt Update. Now I’m Pissed because I got higher than 100K. Tell me how to fix this please

You can try to hard reset your XB1 using Snowowl’s 6 step list

On the other hand there is a known bug in FH3 for DLC cars.

The Nissan is a DLC car. The Buick is a bonus/gift car.

Try to use a standard car.

AWD (swap) recommended.

But for me everything was fine in all drift zones with the BMW M2 AWD swap (also a DLC car).

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For One, AWD drifting isnt drifting, its powersliding. And the Buick Regal is a midnight battle car. But thanks for that link, will try it