new patch is out for pc

does any one know the patch notes

Not yet. Can’t even get into the game, xbox live is having some issues probably…

the same problem

It’s small… 200+ MB. I won’t get my hope high. Will restart game to see if anything improved.

Looks like memory leak was fixed, it’s still there, kind of, when you scroll through massive amount of rims, but it does go down after a while, so yeah, unless you have 16gb you are ok, people with 8gb rip

It was just the Specialty Dealer update. The 635M, Mugen CRX and C63 were added. I don’t see any improvement in performance.

I scrolled through the first group across and back and saw the memory increasing. Did not stay in the game long enough to see if it stayed that way. It did go up above 7gb though.

I was hoping to see some notes on the patch, maybe they will come in a bit.

The biggest concern for me is the missing textures over time causing the game to crash. The memory leak on the wheels and paint is a big deal as well but at least they don;t crash you near the end of a long race.

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The memory leak was not fixed yet. I went to do a truck challenge and the game crashed while scrolling through 5 trucks back and forth comparing stats. This is a complete joke so far from Turn 10 they should pull the game from the store until this issue is fixed…

I’m sitting here watching my game save for the past 5 minutes. Whatever I was working on is lost for sure…

Not seeing anything apparent tbh. Was hoping the VIP would be sorted but nope.

1 free ride glitch is fixed
2 seems to be more stable with sli on high settings but i still need to test oc because it would crash
3 the endless saving when upgrading car car is still a thing
4 no new mp lobbies i was hoping there was
5 no double vip credits

i have 32gb of ram and it was still crashing before update i’ll keep yous posted
before the update i could not run on high render settings because it would crash every 2 to 5 mins

Wow. The infinite save loop is worst now… Three times in a row. Not doing anything but going straight to tune/customize/paint.

Absolutely terrible.

Memory leak still there, just as bad as before…

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Well, I discovered another crash trigger. Tune/upgrade a car while on a track, then immediately exit to the main menu… CTD! It’s just like the livery editor: search for a design, apply it, then apply another design. When switching tabs from search results to the others, you get a CTD 100% guaranteed.

Time to put FM7 to rest… It’s such a shame. Usually the first hours in a game are the most enjoyable, and what really makes you fall in love with it. The whole experience has been completely ruined by how unforgivably broken this game is.

Update in part was to update specialty dealer.

I think this will happen every Tuesday

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So i guess no patch yet for Direct Drive wheels. Bummer. This is the only reason I haven’t purchased the game. Hope its something they do fix in the near future.

Patch Notes are out. They are listed in a sticky in this thread.
They patched out the flat rate rewards for forza edition cars. So no more using the RAM to level up on the test track.

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spoke too soon, memory leak is still there, forget about upgrading your car pre-race, it will gobble whatever you have and spit it out, it is obvious now that turn 10 just hates pc gaming in general or simply couldn’t care less, they had 2 patches and never fixed it, amazing support

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Here you go guys:

Bookmark it. You’re very welcome. :slight_smile: