New or existing racing team

Ok, so I created this topic in hope that I can find a racing team on forza 5 or if not, be able to start one. I currently race in the forza gt series as it is competitive and full of clean racers, hate every other race type as you have people who can’t play lol if anyone would be able to help me out in any way shape or form, that would be much appreciated :smiley:

Hey bud, tried adding u on xbox but couldnt find you. Ill put it this way, there are already a bunch of clean driving clubs, or circuits already available. Like I have one set up now, have about 45 registered drivers, all clean, most of which are average to above average drivers. Feel free to hit me up and we can discuss. I have everything for our current series up onhere called GTFOR (GT for Online Racing), and after this current series we already have another in the works I could use some help with if you are looking into that, I definitely could use some help

Really? :open_mouth: that’s a bit crap then and I found a team on here called sfxm and joined them but I don’t know if they do GT racing but if you need help I’ll be more than glad to help :slight_smile:

U can race with whoever lol. Just saying I got a crew too. Im online now just screwing around on bf4

Awk I know that :slight_smile: they race everything but not sure about the gt series and that’s were I tend to be lol

Talked to senafoxx, perhaps we should chat. Get a hold of me, I added you

uk based forza team looking for new members