New Map Idea!

My name is Bxrdy and im a huge fan of anything on wheels, especially if those wheel can reach a 3 digit speed but in Forza Motorsport 5 there isn’t a track long enough to see what your car is capable of or how fast your car can go. I have an idea that i think will be a big hit and that no other racing game has done. So what is this idea… Well what goes faster than a car? A train? No. A plan? Not quite. Im talking about a space shuttle. Yes thats right. These beasts need A LOT of tarmac to pick up speed in order to fly out of the atmosphere. I have a 2014 Corvette Stingray done up with a 9 . 9 speed and no track has the length to push this baby to the max ; Dont you hate that? So when the guys at Forza make the next DLC (i hope they read this) i hope this is put into the DLC pack. The one mile drag strip isnt long enough nor the Old LeMans Circuit ( which btw is the longest and straightest track in FM5 ) Lets see if the Forza community can make this idea a reality. Lets be different. Lets be… Forza.

space shuttle’s are launched from a launch pad with booster rockets attached.


If you can’t reach top speed on Le Mans Old, you have a problem with your car. There is no longer straight in the game so if you can’t max out your car, the setup is useless.

Theoretically, if your car comes on the straight doing 175mph and tops out at, let’s say, 270mph in a linear fashion in 30 seconds but another car comes onto the straight already at 190mph and accelerates to 250mph in the next 14 seconds. Now, do the math; will you catch the car with the low top speed before the brakingzone at the end of the straight? So does your setup mean anything useful?

Umm … tarmac for a space shuttle? Only when it lands and, even then, it is capable of landing on a traditional aircraft runway. Source: I’ve watched the Space Shuttle land at Edwards AFB, California.

Even those aircraft that fly in the upper levels of the atmosphere are capable of medium-length runway takeoffs, as we have at New Mexico’s Spaceport America; but, I suppose, if we are talking about modeling a longer runway, China’s Qamdo Bamda Airport features the longest in the world. Sure, Turn 10 could model a longer fictional piece of runway; but all for the sake of a top speed run - something that is accomplished by the benchmark feature?

That ending sentence has me feeling so inspired! Aaand, it’s gone…

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