New Leagues?

I don’t see a thread for what the new leagues are this week. Anybody know what they are?

Modern GT 880 for contact and S Class for Ghost.

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they should post it, lazy. He is probably on vacation and no one covering

Or you guys could just turn the game on and check what the leagues are yourself


It doesn’t usually give you specific information when you hit X for restrictions. You have to visit the official thread for that.

Sounds like work. lol

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Bump. Anyone know this week?

I could turn on the game and check but don’t normally get a chance to play my Xbox until later in the week. I pretty much only race leagues so I look forward to them when I see good leagues posted. Some weeks when I see they are not my style I won’t even turn on my Xbox. Plus it’s nice to view the restrictions and then visit the other side to view eligible cars.

FRC rivals event with be updated tomorrow.

As far as I can tell there is only the ForzaRC league this week nothing else. I’m not sure which car it is as long as it’s not that utterly useless fiesta it should be good

This weeks leagues are:

Ghost - none?
League - ForzaRC 2015 Ford Mustang B Class Stock Only (the Forza Championship)


If you’re in to good clean respectful racing. Stay as far way from this weeks league as possible. 3-5 lap, no quick stop, full simulation damage free for all. People doing all and anything they cann to get that top 50 spot and a unicorn car. LOL.Did a couple of pinnacle races and it was worse then the hoppers full of kids and guys just goofing around. Everyone ramming each other off the track with no regard for trying to pass or race clean. And what do you expect with such short races.
IMO. They screwed the pooch this week. Especially with nothing else to choose from.
Hopefully next month when they’re done with the Forza racing league crud, we can have some decent league races again.
Except Assetto Corsa will be out by then. Hopefully it lives up to it’s billing.

The same applies to the Elite league where it’s exactly the same things happening as what you’ve said. Everyone is trying to ram their way to a car pass as the unicorn will be given to them no matter what.

So both the FRC Rivals and Leagues are screwed?

I think I’ve over-boggled my mind today trying to keep up with T10’s acts of wilful self-sabotage.

The league has lots of people that only care about winning at all costs as I’ve seen many people ram people into walls and barriers, plow their way at the grid, and pit maneuver others into sand traps. Despite all of this, I’m within the top 11% of my division at 19,000 points as of this post even taking account into the fact that I finish near the back or in the middle every race due.

Well I already own the car pass and Porsche expansion so I have just completed one race in the league if I understand it correctly that is enough to earn me the unicorn car. The only one I will bother with trying to get into the top %50 is week 3 for the NASCAR expansion, I just hope that league has a different car because I thought that Mustang felt terrible.

Its carnage in the Elite league. Seeing SO many names you don’t normally see in the league hoppers and they’re just horrendous at race starts

I managed two races. It’s is completely unplayable nonsense.

It might have been bearable with double laps and a quick stop, but apparently T10 are incapable of learning from experience.

Completely agree. Lasted two races as well. It’s the worst league racing I’ve encountered since the game’s release. I also noticed several racers with significantly lower driver levels than usual in the Elite RC lobby, so I’m not sure if they stretched the skill parameters for the divisions again, but either way this is a major setback for one of the best new features of the Forza series.

yup I know it would be a waste of time. Can we have the regular leagues now?